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Stunning 300-Foot-Tall Drone Show Promotes Halo Over Downtown Austin

HALO Drone Display

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While promoting the new Halo TV show at SXSW, Paramount unveiled a stunning drone show over the skies of downtown Austin. You can watch the show below and learn more about what happened. Halo’s first episode premieres on Paramount+ on March 24.

Watch the Drone Display in the Videos Below

One video shared on YouTube showcases the stunning display. This one was shared by the account called Meme Lord.

The drone display consisted of 400 drones creating a display that was 300 feet tall and 600 feet wide, The Hollywood Reporter shared.

The light show included a message that #HalotheSeries streams March 24, along with a stunning Paramount+ logo, and a visual of Cortana. 

Redditor u/8bitben also shared some shots they were able to take showing the display from a different angle.

Got a few shots of the Halo-themed drone show that just happened facing downtown from Austin

Paramount also shared their own video of the display.

Here’s another video.

The Display Ended with a QR Code

Dennis Hegstad shared a steady shot of the QR code revealed at the end, allowing people watching his video later to scan the code too. Before that, he also tweeted several photos of the display.

Photos were also shared on the Austin subreddit, including this post from u/afakevc, which included some funny jokes from locals about what the QR code might reveal. (Anyone want to visit Chili’s?)

Drones form working QR code over austin for SXSW from Austin

The conversation also led to some lighthearted commentary about dystopian night skies, which fit in quite perfectly with this website’s theme.

Redditor u/Your LocalFakeArtist wrote, “I swear, if I look up while stargazing and see an ad or QR code or something, I’m staying inside and staring at a painting of the night sky instead.”

Redditor u/MrMooMooDandy wrote, “…You’ll be able to buy a monthly subscription from SkyMarketing® that interfaces with their NightSky™ promotional platform referred to below. When active, your Premium subscription turns off the satellite-hosted SkyMarketing® LED spot beams when they scan over the surface of the Earth projecting advertisements. This great new service darkens a 100ft radius from your Apple® iPhone™ device as long as you have the SkyMarketing® app running in the background and share your location with SkyMarketing®.”

This actually sounds like it might happen. Or it might give a company some unwelcome ideas.

In real life, meanwhile, a drone flight restriction was put into place, preventing any errant drones from interfering.

Paramount+ has exclusive rights to stream the series, which was originally slated to premiere on Showtime.

David Nevins, Chief Creative Officer, CBS & Chairman and CEO, Showtime Networks, told Deadline about the series: “We were on the hunt for signature shows beyond the Star Trek franchise on CBS All Access and were thinking, what could be a defining series for Paramount+. Halo always fit the bill, but seeing it, we felt it would work.”

Halo stars Pablo Scheiber as Master Chief, Natascha McElhone as Dr. Catherine Halsey, Yerin Ha as Quan Ah, Bokeem Woodbine as Soren-066, Jen Taylor as Cortana, Shabana Azmi as Adm. Margaret Parangosky, Olive Gray as Dr. Miranda Keyes, Charlie Murphy as Makee, and more.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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