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Viewers Spot ‘Mass Effect’ Easter Egg in HALO Episode 1

HALO had a Mass Effect Easter egg. (Paramount+)

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A major “Mass Effect” Easter egg was hidden in the first episode of the HALO TV series on Paramount. Did you see it? Viewers who spotted the Easter egg were quick to share it on social media sites. 

Watch the Easter Egg Below

You can watch the Easter egg below, in a video shared on Reddit by u/King_Sombrero

The new Halo series has a Mass Effect easter egg in it from halo

While watching a feed from Master Chief’s ship, you can hear someone saying over the intercom: “Commander Shepard, you are requested at the Skillian Response Center.” 

One person replied, “I knew I heard commander Shepard! Thought I was tripping for a min lol.” 

Another person wrote, “Loved the reference. Kinda want to see a commander Shepard lookalike in a future episode, standing in the background wearing a UNSC officer uniform or something.”

One Redditor, Leonard_Church814 replied, “I’m betting that Paramount is looking to acquire the Mass Effect TV series, it would be a big catch for them.” However, others replied that Amazon is rumored to be trying to start a Mass Effect TV series.

In case you’re not familiar with Mass Effect, Commander Shepard is the main protagonist, the Mass Effect wiki shares. In the quickstart option, he’s a male soldier named John (but the name is customizable if you don’t use the quick-start option.) (As a fun bit of trivia, in the Stargate Atlantis series, one of the main characters was named John Sheppard. Someone on GameFAQs wrote a question 12 years ago asking why there were so many similarities between the Stargate universe and Mass Effect and wondering if Mass Effect, which came out later, was partially inspired by SGA.) 

The Mass Effect Easter egg in HALO has gotten a lot of attention. In the HALO subreddit, multiple people started stories commenting about the same moment, which happened about 34 minutes into the episode. 

Did anyone catch the Mass Effect Easter egg? from halo

Redditor Celtic505 pointed out that not only did they reference Shepard, but they also referenced the “Skillian Response Center,” which they noted is another Mass Effect reference to the Skyllian Blitz/Verge. The Mass Effect wiki talks all about the Skyllian Blitz here

Viewers are also making memes and tweets about the Easter egg. 

It’s pretty neat that not only did they reference Shepard himself, but made sure it was unmistakable with that Skillian mention too. 

Most viewers really enjoyed hearing the unexpected callout. 

HALO is airing every Thursday on Paramount+. Each new episode releases at 3 a.m. Eastern/12 a.m. Pacific every week, a representative of Paramount confirmed with Post Apocalyptic Media. 

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