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What Happened to the Green Filter in The New Matrix Resurrections?

Matrix 4's green color

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The dark green tint that was a familiar part of the original The Matrix trilogy seems to be missing from The Matrix 4 trailers and teasers. Many fans are wondering what happened to the green filter.

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The Green Tint Appears To Be Gone

On Reddit, the question came up quite frequently when the teaser trailers were released.


What happened to the green tint? As it turns out, alert fans are pointing out that the green tint actually disappeared at the end of Revolutions, not at the beginning of Resurrections.

The Green Tint Actually Was Removed at the End of Revolutions

Some fans have been quick to point out that the green filter actually disappeared before the trilogy ended. Once the matrix reloads, the familiar green tint is gone. More than likely, there’s a different tint for each of the different matrices.

Because this is a new reload of the matrix, we’re likely going to see a different color scheme. In fact, one fan started a thread on Reddit surmising that the yellow/gold is going to be the new filter, since the code in the teaser had a yellow glow rather than a green glow.

Yellow/Gold from matrix

Another fan responded: “At the end of Revolutions, the Matrix has been transformed and the oppressive green tint is gone and the warmth of the Sun is seen in it for the first time. Resurrections seems to be following from there.”

Another fan commented: “Gold is the Source Code revealed partly in Revolutions/Animatrix. It’s the golden ‘light’ Neo sees in the third film as his implant can only show him whats connected to the Source.”

But Advocate2020 had an interesting theory about the whole thing. They pointed out that green is the color of the matrix, blue reflects the coldness of reality and the machines themselves, and orange is the color of life. But, they pointed out that when Neo lost his eye, the machines appeared orange, leading to the idea of the machines being a form of life as well (thus leading to the idea of peace rather than war.) They conclude: “So if lana is changing the color scheme … theres something going on symbolically.”

Here’s another fan’s take on the ending and how it changed the color scheme. Redditor u/amysteriousmystery shared that because the relationship between man and machine was healed, the rebooted Matrix revealed that with a new color scheme that included warmth from the sun, seen for the first time inside the simulation.

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