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Goodbye Falling Skies :(

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Goodbye Falling Skies. 

Falling Skies finale
Goodbye Falling Skies. (TNT)
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The Falling Skies series finale aired on Sunday, and I was really sad to see it go. Sure, the quality had gone down from the absolutely amazing first season and the great second season. I still remember that first season, when that creepy song from the mechs would terrify me!

But there were a lot of moments in this final season that were amazing. At times, it seemed like the show had really gone back to its origins and was returning to the quality that I had loved. And even in those moments throughout the series when the show got kind of cheesy, I still loved watching it and looked forward to it every week. 🙂

But on to the finale! (Spoilers of course!)

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I really wish the finale had been two hours instead of just one. But then again, I also wish the final season spent a little more time on the last battles and less time on the Pope saga. Pope should have died when he was riddled with bullets episodes ago, but plot armor kept him alive and well, up until the last few minutes.  (!!) If Pope and his little post-apocalyptic gang had been written into a previous season, that could have been pretty entertaining. But it just didn’t fit well in the final season.

Now, I know that some people were disappointed with the Tom Mason/Espheni Queen showdown and how he took her out. But honestly, I wasn’t. When a huge alien invasion is able to wipe out the world’s major military forces, I wouldn’t expect a small group of humans to be able to drive them completely away all by themselves. It’s not surprising if the big win is a biological weapon of some sort, brought to them from another race. I thought the way they won made sense. Would I have enjoyed seeing more battle scenes at the end? Sure. But it was pretty obvious that the budget’s been cut down on this show since season 1. That’s why we don’t see giant mechs anymore, that’s why the Volms’ ships had to fly away… Anything that would cost too much in the budget was written out of the plot. With what they had to work with, I really didn’t mind.

I also really liked the way the show ended. I didn’t mind that they brought Anne back. And I loved the speech at the end, the feeling of hope and starting a new life knowing that they aren’t alone in the universe. 🙂

Some things I would have changed about the finale:

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  • More Volm – The Volm left because they had to fight the Espheni somewhere else. But once the Queen arrives, if she’s really THAT important, I would have expected at least some Volm to return for the final battle.
  • The Biker Gang – That was random… My husband and I were yelling at the screen when they showed up and Tom Mason & co. just let them know their entire battle plan with very little introduction. We know the Espheni can create spies who look EXACTLY like humans, so why would you do that?!
  • The Story of the Queen’s Daughter – That was just weird, in my opinion. First, when they invaded 1500 (?) years ago, the Espheni were THAT less technologically advanced that she was able to be killed by people with pointy spears? We were given a reason for the invasion before, and it was totally different. This explanation was less-than-satisfying.

So what did you think about the finale? I’m going to miss this alien invasion series. If you want a little blast from the past, here’s a short story io9 wrote about Falling Skies before it even had a name.

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And if you’re wanting a new alien invasion show, you won’t have to wait too long. A new series is coming to the USA channel on January 14 called “The Colony.” This one will star Josh Holloway from LOST and Carlton Cuse (also from LOST) is the executive producer. And the mini-series Childhood’s End starts on Syfy on Dec. 14.


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