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The Walking Dead Season 3: Episode 3 Recap & Theories :(

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Because this is the only photo from The Walking Dead episode 3 that doesn’t contain spoilers. (Gene Page/AMC)

This is The Walking Dead Season 3: Episode 3 recap…

I… I don’t have words. I’m tempted to be speechless and post nothing, but I can’t do that. The darkness that is this last episode hangs over us all…

Is this worse than Beth? Or Hershel? I’m not sure… But some people are telling me to hold on to hope, so I don’t know what to feel.

Oh ya, in case you didn’t know, this is the recap for The Walking Dead: Season 3, Episode 3.  This article has MAJOR spoilers and theories about the episode. So you have your spoiler warning NOW. Don’t read on if you don’t want to be spoiled.

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Even kickass Carol couldn’t prepare us for episode 3. Thank you? I don’t think so. (AMC)

I wanted to cover my eyes after Loser Man fell off the dumpster, taking Glenn with him into a terrible seas of zombies. And this, my friends, proves The Walking Dead’s core moral: Don’t ever give anyone a second chance. EVER.

Glenn did, and look what happened to him. Morgan did last week, and I can bet what will happen with that. Over and over, people are given second chances. And over and over, those second chances end up killing the people who gave them out.

In a post-apocalyptic world, the moment a person is no longer on your side, there are the enemy… FOREVER.

But is there hope? A big theory currently circulating is that Glenn may still be alive. The camera didn’t really show him being eaten. And we all know that if you are covered in zombie blood, then the zombies won’t realize you’re still alive.

During Talking Dead, it was said we would see a “version” of Glenn, whatever that means. It could mean Zombie Glenn. It could mean flashback Glenn. It could mean a Glenn changed forever, who no longer wants to help people like Loser Man.

But friends, I think Glenn is gone. He wasn’t covered in zombie blood, he was cover ed in Loser Man’s blood. That wouldn’t stop the feeding frenzy. My bet is that Glenn is no longer with us. What do you think?

And by the way, wasn’t his death pretty avoidable? He could’ve hidden in the dumpster, with the lid on, and the zombies would’ve eventually lose interest. They also ran right past a fire escape that they could’ve climbed. So many ways out…

Rick’s Near Miss

No, I am not talking about Rick’s hand, I’m talking about his attack in the camper. But… A lot of people are worried about Rick. NO, he was not eaten. He cut his hand on a machete. He’s OK folks!

But back to his attack on the camper… Did you notice who attacked him? Yep, it was the people that Morgan let go at Alexandria! Remember that guy picked up a guy on his way out?

Once again, this teaches us The Walking Dead‘s main lesson: NEVER show mercy. Ever.

Next Week Is All Morgan

Although I think Morgan is an amazing character and the actor is also amazing, it’s going to be hard to distract myself from wondering about Glenn so I can watch a 90-minute episode about Morgan. It’s funny, because I’ve been wanting a Morgan-centric episode ever since Season 1. And now that we have it, the timing of it is just all wrong.

But it will still probably be AMAZING. We’ll not only see zen Jedi Morgan, but more of crazy “CLEAR!” Morgan. It’s gonna be good.

Until next week!


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