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The Castithans of Defiance May Be Targaryens from Game of Thrones: PROOF

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Is it possible that the Castithans of Defiance May Be Targaryens from Game of Thrones? If nothing else, they were definitely modeled after the Valyrian race. When I first noticed the resemblance, I couldn’t get it out of my head. Now I’m pretty sure that it is NOT just a coincidence.

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Castithans modeled after Game of Thrones Targaryans
Are the Castithans of Defiance modeled after Game of Thrones Targaryens? (Joe Pugliese/Syfy)

Comparing Castithans and Targaryens

First, it’s important to point out that I’m comparing the Castithans of Syfy’s Defiance to the Targaryens (i.e. Valyrians) of A Song of Ice and Fire the book series, NOT the HBO series (where their appearance was changed significantly.)

Here’s how the Valyrians (Targaryens) are described in George R. R. Martin’s books:

  • Very fair skinned
  • Silver/white hair
  • Violet-purple eyes

(On a side note, the unaired original pilot for Game of Thrones on HBO had Daenerys and her brother wearing violet purple contacts, but they decided it was too distracting and took away from their acting.)

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So, how well do the Castithans on Defiance match the book description of Valyrians/Targaryens?

Perfectly. Just look at the photo above.

Very fair skinned? Check. Silver/white hair? Check. Violet-purple eyes? Check. And considering that the books came out long before the Defiance TV series, it’s definitely possible that the Castithans are paying homage to Martin’s Valyrians.

Oh, and by the way, their personalities match up too (consider their fits of anger, etc.)

But there’s even more reason to suspect this.

Their Languages Are Similar

OK, so the Castithan and High Valyrian languages are similar because they were invented for TV by the same guy, David J. Peterson. But I find this link kind of fun… In it, someone asks David what her name would be written like in Castithan and in High Valyrian. He shows her one drawing of her name, written in Castithan, and then says it would look “just the same in High Valyrian.”

So…. I’m voting for Game of Thrones and Defiance being in the same universe. Maybe Castithans and Valyrians actually ARE the same race. I mean, Castithans ARE aliens and aren’t originally from Earth so…

Rockne S. O’Bannon and George R. R. Martin Know Each Other

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Rockne S. O’Bannon, who created Defiance, and George R. R. Martin know each other. They go way back! For example, they both worked on Twilight Zone in the 1980s at the same time. In the second season, George R. R. Martin was a story editor and O’Bannon was a story consultant.

In addition, O’Bannon has paid homage to Martin’s Game of Thrones books in other TV series, so this wouldn’t be the first time. When O’Bannon was creating Farscape, many people pointed out that his character “Stark” shared a name with the Starks of ASOIF. In addition, the main Farscape character Khal Drogo sounds almost exactly like Ka D’Argo, and Khal Drogo’s people are similar in many ways to D’Argo’s. (But let’s be real, Drogo’s people are most definitely modeled after the Klingons!)

All in all, I think that the Castithans are definitely modeled after the Valyrians. They are just way too similar for it to be a coincidence. What do you think?

(And by the way — if you liked this story, I hope you’ll check out my story about Game of Thrones that was posted yesterday onto Heavy: Does a video show that George R. R. Martin never intends to finish the Game of Thrones books?)

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