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Is Fear the Walking Dead Season 8 Airing Early on AMC+?

FTWD Season 8

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Fear The Walking Dead returns for it’s 8th and final season! It’s a bittersweet moment for fans of the series, but the premiere is very much anticipated. The season doesn’t start until May 14th,  but as we’ve seen in the past, AMC+ loves to air episodes a week earlier for subscribers. So will Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 air early on AMC+? Let’s look at the details.

Will AMC+ Subscribers Have Access to Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Early?

There is no indication that the series will air early. AMC+ has season 8 as premiering on May 14th, with no schedule posted at all. Seeing how today would have been the day, we can safely assume that the first episode is going to air on the actual announced day. So far, we know that the first six episodes are going to air on a weekly basis. According to The Walking Dead Fandom, the episodes and dates are as follows:

  • Episode 1 “Remember What They Took From You” May 14
  • Episode 2 “Blue Jay” May 21
  • Episode 3 “Odessa” May 28
  • Episode 4 “King County” June 4
  • Episode 5 “More Time Than You Know” June 11
  • Episode 6  “All I See Is Red” June 18
Fear the walking dead season 8

It is currently unknown what the rest of the episodes will be called and when exactly they are going to air, but be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to find out when we do!

AMC+ also has not confirmed if the episodes will be airing a week in advance on the network as with previous seasons, but we are assuming they will. Their website shows no schedule regarding AMC+, and TVGuide only has information about episode 1. So far, we are being left in the dark about this information! Let’s hope we will know more next week.

What is The Walking Dead Season 8 about?

The final season of Fear the Walking Dead will consist of 12 episodes and will be broken up into two parts, each consisting of six episodes; the second half of the season will premiere later in the year 2023.  This last season’s synopsis is about PADRE’s cynical rule, which is being enforced on the island where Morgan, Madison, and the others who they brought there are living. The mission that Morgan and Madison set out on in the first place — to find Morgan’s daughter, Mo — is the only one that can rekindle their hope for a better world at this point, when our protagonists have lost all hope and are feeling hopeless.

FTWD Season 8

During the course of this season, there will be a time jump of seven years. This is the longest gap in time that the series has ever had between episodes, with the previous longest gap being the two years that passed between “Sleigh Ride” and “What’s Your Story?” In addition to this, it is the longest time jump in the history of the TV Universe, surpassing “What Comes After” by a full six years.

Check out the trailer below.

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