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Fallout 76 Roadmap for 2022 Shows Aliens, Robots, and Pittsburg

Fallout 76 2022

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Bethesda has laid out the plan for this year’s new content in Fallout 76, and fans may recognize several throwbacks to previous games in the series.

First up we have the Spring content, entitled Invaders from Beyond. It brings aliens to the wasteland in the form of new public events, new random encounters, Season 8 contest (A Better Life Underground), and more.

For the Summer update, entitled Test Your Metal, the game is bringing new publics events with a robotic theme, including the Fallout 1st scoreboard upgrades, robotic arena battles, and brand new Season 9 content.

Fallout 76

Then in the Fall we have Expeditions: The Pitt. Those fans of Fallout 3 may remember when Pittsburg (affectionately known as The Pitt) was introduced to the game, so this will spark some memories. This update brings Missions that will take you beyond the game’s map, as well as new rewards and Season 10 content.

And finally, for Winter 2022 we have Nuka-World on Tour. You might remember the Nuka-World’s additions to Fallout 4 that brought raider management and settlement attacks to the game. This update will bring even more public events (including a region boss event), and Season 11 content.


While these updates don’t have definitive launch dates for each, last year’s roadmap stayed on schedule for each season bringing a ton of new content to the game that included C.A.M.P slots, legendary crafting, Daily Ops expansions, Fallout 1st, and more.

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