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Endgame ‘Rules of the Game’ Contest: Deadline, Rules & Prizes

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James Frey’s Endgame has just kicked off the third contest for its third book: Endgame: Rules of the Game. If you remember, PostApocalyptic Media reported extensively about the first book’s game, and many of our stories were featured as fan favorites. Now we’re back, reporting on Game #3. But how does this game work? Is there still a prize? How long do you have to finish? Never fear, we have all the answers right here.

But first, you don’t want to miss out on a chance to buy the final book in the series, if you don’t have it already. It’s available in hardcover, Kindle, Audio CD, or free if you have an Audible trial. The paperback, unfortunately, won’t be ready until June. You can buy Endgame at this link.  

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And now for the details on how the game’s working this time around.

(Note: If you’re not familiar with Endgame, the series is about a race to avoid the end of humanity. Twelve ancient bloodlines were chosen by extraterrestrials and have been training, waiting for the sign of when one survivor will need to recover 3 keys and decide humankind’s fate. The Endgame means the earth’s end for a new beginning. That time is now. The book series also involves an ARG with cash prizes at the end of each game.)

You can read all of Endgame’s rules here, but we’re distilling down the most important ones for you below.

Endgame’s Third Grand Prize is $250,000

The grand prize for this third game is $250,000! In addition, the first 12 participants to solve all the puzzles will get an Endgame box set.

The grand prize for Endgame's 3rd contest is $250,000! Click To Tweet

But You Only Have a Limited Amount of Time to Solve the Puzzles

The deadline for solving the entire game and having a chance at the grand prize is July 10, 2017. Yes, you read that correctly. According to the rules, the contest will run until either all the puzzles are solve and the Grand Prize winner is verified, or it’s July 10, whichever happens first. So if no one solves the puzzles by then, the game’s over.

But here’s the deal: you can’t solve it all right away. This game is set up so that some puzzles are only released at pre-determined dates, even if you beat everyone there. According to the rules, the game started on January 9. The contest is divided into two stages, and Stage 1 began Jan. 9.

Stage 2 is divided into three phases, and the puzzles for each of those phases will only be released on certain specific dates. How to access the first puzzle in the next phase will be revealed as you advance in the game. A group of people will get early access to each phase, and once the early access stage is over, the rest of the players will get access as they advance.

You’ll Need the Book & the Internet to Solve the Game

You’ll need both the book and the Internet to solve the game. The book, according to the rules, will have many clues for solving the puzzles, or it may lead you to new puzzles online. The clues could be textual, visual, codes, cyphers, or hyperlinks that lead to search results, images, videos, map coordinates, stand-alone websites, social media, or more. But not everything that looks like a puzzle necessarily is a puzzle!

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