Endgame Clues: A Roundup of the Latest

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We’ve got a few new Endgame clues, associated with the Stella ARG (not the book game.) First, a new challenge posted yesterday afternoon. Go read the clue, and then read the hints below if you need them:

  • First, this challenge is a chronogram. That means certain letters stand for numerals which, when rearranged, correspond to a date.
  • Need another hint? Find the Roman Numerals in the challenge.
  • Once you have the answer, enter it at the end of
  • Need the answer? Just highlight here:

This link takes you to an early access page! Interesting things are coming… Looks like people will get to “apply” to be part of the 12 bloodlines, and puzzles are going to get more complicated.

Meanwhile, here are 3 new videos from Stella, just posted today and yesterday:

In this one, she talks about how clues AREN’T everything when it comes to this world. And she asks people to bring children to her, to tell children about the truth, and she’ll reward creativity.

And here, she clarifies who the children are:

And this third video, about PTSD, was an answer to a clue last week, now posted this week for everyone to see:

In this one, she talks about how we went from a nomadic society to an agrarian one 10,000 years ago and turned on each other in a “cannibal-like virus” type of way. She shows a 3,000-year-old piece of Jade from her mom that she wears as a necklace. OK, so this basically tells us that Stella is part of “The Olmec” ancient bloodline, who are known as jade runners.

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By the way, note that Stella has a tattoo on her wrist… Is it a key to one of the bloodlines? It resembles the symbol for Mu, if you look closely. Could Stella be the product of two bloodlines, Olmec through her mother and Mu through her father?

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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