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Do Americans Trust the U.S. Government to Prevent Doomsday? 71% Say No

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With all of the latest IRL news about doomsday scenarios, and despite the illusion that movies give us when it comes to happy-ending armageddon types, the majority of Americans are still very doubtful that the government can and would help them prevent any type of doomsday from happening. An article on Study Finds talks about it, and let’s look into some of the details.

No Faith in American Leaders

From the Speaker of the House getting kicked out to all the drama surrounding the current and past presidents, more than 70% of adults feel like there’s no one they can count on to save the day in a doomsday scenario.

In a recent survey by, which gathered the opinions of 6,200 Americans, a startling 71.2% voiced their skepticism about the U.S. government’s ability to safeguard them from a doomsday scenario. Even more concerning, a significant number of respondents shared the belief that such a cataclysmic event could occur within the next year, underscoring a growing sense of urgency and insecurity among the population.

Doomsday preparedness per state Doomsday preparedness per state

Taking a closer look at how different states feel about the government, it turns out that Arizonans are the least trusting, with a whopping 81.88% of folks not believing the government has their back when the world goes haywire. In Kansas, it’s not much better, with 78.18% lacking faith in the government to save the day in a doomsday scenario. Down in Alabama, 77.66% don’t think Uncle Sam’s got their back during an apocalypse. Even in Pennsylvania, where democracy was born, nearly 77% aren’t confident in the government’s doomsday skills. Over on the West Coast, in Oregon, 75.95% have their doubts about the government handling a global catastrophe. So, it’s safe to say that trust in the government to tackle doomsday varies from state to state, but stays relatively high in distrust.

Possible Doomsday Scenarios

As countless folks gear up for doomsday by stockpiling supplies and honing their survival know-how, Bonusfiner also inquired about the specific catastrophic scenarios that respondents consider most probable.

StudyFinds: Doomsday Events
StudyFinds: Doomsday Events

They’ve also asked folks what they reckon could bring on doomsday, and here’s what they told them:

  1. Climate change – Over half, 55.8%, think the world going topsy-turvy could be thanks to extreme weather and wild temperature swings.
  2. Natural disasters – Almost half, 46.7%, are betting on things like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and droughts as the culprits for doomsday’s arrival.
  3. Disease – About 36.5% of people are side-eyeing infectious diseases as a potential doomsday trigger, especially after the wild ride of 2020.
  4. Food shortages – At 36.2%, this one’s a contender, as people worry about the grocery aisles running empty.
  5. Societal collapse – 35% say it could all crumble into chaos, making it the fifth most likely cause.

On the flip side, some wild scenarios didn’t quite make the doomsday cut:

– Zombie apocalypse – Just 7.5% think the undead are on the horizon.

– UFO/alien invasion – 7.2% are keeping their eyes on the sky for E.T. 

– Fungus pandemic – Only 6.7% are losing sleep over mold taking over the world.

Who is more prepared?

Digging into the survey data, it’s clear that men are more serious about doomsday prepping than women. Around 18.1% of the men are all about being prepared, while only 8.8% of women share the same mindset. When it comes to the financial side of things, most folks are putting their money where their fear is, with the majority shelling out between $1,000 to $4,999 for their disaster readiness stash. But there are some big spenders out there, like those in Montana and New Mexico, who aren’t afraid to drop up to $10,000 on prepping gear. So, if you’re feeling the heat to get ready, experts are saying it’s essential to stock up on water, food, shelter, medical supplies, and hygiene items.

Or, you could just move to a safer city.

Safest Cities from Natural Disasters - Gutter Gnome
Safest Cities from Natural Disasters – Gutter Gnome

So it seems that if the apocalypse were to knock at our doors tomorrow morning, we would be left to save ourselves. Without proper preparedness or any type of clear plan from government leaders, we’re better off getting our bug out bags ready for the eventual catastrophes. And with that being said, check out why California should start ahead of everyone else…

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