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Did Eren Eat Annie on ‘Attack on Titan’?


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Did Eren eat Annie at some point on Attack on Titan? In Season 4 Episode 6, a series of events we witness caused many fans to wonder about this very question. Here’s what we know so far, along with the prevailing theories.

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This article will have spoilers for Season 4 Episode 6, but the article itself is manga-spoiler-free. Please don’t add spoilers from the manga in the comments. Thanks. 🙂 

The New Episode Introduces the Possibility that Eren Ate Annie


In Season 4 Episode 6, we see an epic battle between Eren and the Warhammer Titan. But Eren only lives because Mikasa came to his rescue. At that moment, Eren realizes that Warhammer Titan grew “feet up,” indicating that its host body is actually somewhere near its feet. That’s when Eren realized that the Warhammer Titan’s host was encased in a hardened shell, and only attached to the Titan itself via a long tentacle. Eren severed the tentacle, “killing” the Titan body, and was just about to eat Willy’s sister when Galliard-as-the-Jaw-Titan attacked.

But that’s the key point causing fans to wonder about Annie. Eren almost ate The Warhammer Titan’s host while she was encased in a hardened shell. This seems to indicate that Eren believed his Titan body could still “kill” the Titan even in its encased shell if he ate it. This leaves us with the question of whether he did the same to Annie.

The last time we saw Annie, she was still in a hardened shell and no one could break through it to get to her. The people of Paradis wanted to keep her alive and question her.

But now that we know Eren can eat hardened shells, you have to wonder — how does he know this is an option? Is it because he ate Annie too?

That’s definitely a possibility, and we simply don’t know at this point whether he did or not. The fact that he seemed confident about eating the hardened shell of the Warhammer is a hint that he did eat Annie.

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But there are also reasons to believe he didn’t. First, Annie had valuable information that they still wanted to get from her. It would make more sense to free her from the shell rather than to eat her.

And second, it would make more sense for a different mindless Titan to eat her and gain her powers, like Armin did with Bertholdt, than for Eren to eat her. They need all the Titan warriors they can get. Maybe with Eren’s new powers of hardening, they could free her from her shell and someone else ate her. Maybe we will see a new warrior with Annie’s powers emerge from Paradis. That’s what I’m guessing is going to happen. But my theories about this show have been wrong before, so I might be wrong about this too. It’ll be interesting to see what transpires with Annie’s storyline.

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