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Did Eren Eat the Warhammer Titan? [Attack on Titan S4 Episode 6]

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Did Eren eat the Warhammer Titan in Season 4 Episode 6 of Attack on Titan? Here’s what we know so far.

Did Eren eat The Warhammer Titan? Here's what we know from S4E6. Click To Tweet

This article will have spoilers for Season 4 Episode 6, but the article itself is manga-spoiler-free. Please don’t add spoilers from the manga in the comments. Thanks. 🙂 

Eren Was Stopped Before Eating The Warhammer Titan, But that Moment Raises Many Questions

So far, it appears that Eren did not eat The Warhammer Titan, but he’s certainly trying and he might still succeed. Which raises a lot of questions.

First, Eren went straight for Willy Tybur and ate him immediately after emerging in his Titan form when Willy declared war on Paradis. As we saw in flashback scenes, Willy was expecting this to happen and was ready to sacrifice his life. He seems to believe that Paradis still poses a threat now that Eren has the Founding Titan’s powers. However, he betrayed his own belief when he admitted that he allowed Marley to continue attacking Paradis even while knowing the royal family was bound to peace. So Willy’s true motivations aren’t as magnanimous as he wants others to believe. I think it’s more about gaining even more power for his family, but I digress.

Willy was not the Warhammer Titan, so Eren’s eating Willy didn’t accomplish what he likely hoped it would.

The Warhammer Titan, as it turned out, was actually Willy’s sister. And that Titan is POWERFUL. It can basically turn anything into a weapon, and nearly killed Eren by spearing a spike right through his Titan form. Mikasa came to his rescue, and that’s when Eren realized that the Warhammer Titan’s host was encased in a shell rather than in the Titan’s nape, and only attached to the Titan itself via a long tentacle. Eren severed the tentacle, “killing” the Titan body, and was just about to eat Willy’s sister when Galliard-as-the-Jaw-Titan attacked.

Galliard went straight for Eren’s nape and might have succeeded in killing him if Levi hadn’t made his epic entrance. And then the rest of the Survey Corp appeared, fully trained and dripping in power compared to how we last saw them four years earlier.


So while it appeared that the crew was about to kill Galliard and give Eren the time he needed to eat the Warhammer Titan, none of that has happened YET when the episode ended. So there’s still a chance that something else might stop Eren from eating the Warhammer Titan.

However, this whole scene raises a lot of questions about Annie. If Eren truly believed he could eat The Warhammer Titan while Tybur’s sister was encased in a hardened shell, then that certainly means he could have eaten Annie while she was encased in a hardened shell too, right? Did he seem so sure of his actions because he already had?

Eren seemed certain he could eat The Warhammer Titan. Does that mean he already ate Annie? Click To Tweet

It’s worth noting that the preview also doesn’t reveal the Warhammer Titan’s fate, so we can’t deduce anything from the short trailer for next week’s episode, Assault.

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