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Watch This Post Apocalyptic Short Film: Devil at the Door

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Devil at the Door

Devil at the Door is a short film based on the novel Lights Out by David Crawford. Lights Out is an internet sensation that was downloaded over 3 million times in e-book fashion before it went to print in 2010. The story focuses on the aftermath of an EMP and it’s effects on a small town in Texas and how the community bands together to survive when all the trappings of civilization have vanished. The short film focuses on one of the most violent and heart wrenching scenes in the book. The Lights Out novel has turned into the “Lights Out Saga” going from e-book, to printed novel, short film and eventually a full-length motion picture. If the short film inspires your imagination check out the novel and be there opening night when the film makes its debut.

    My name is Todd Olsen, I'm a teacher in Massachusetts but I was born in Pittsburgh and grew up in Richmond, Virginia. When I'm not hunting down post-apocalyptic fiction i'm spending time with my wife and baby, traveling vehemently, playing hockey and soccer, hanging with my friends, hiking with my dogs and riding/repairing motorcycles.

    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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