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Watch the Chinese Rip-Off of Adventure Time with English Subtitles Right Here

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In case you haven’t heard, there’s a 10-minute Chinese rip-off of Adventure Time with English subtitles roaming the web, called “The Legend of Lucky Pie.” Actually, most online reports are showing a version without subtitles or with terribly dubbed English voices. But here’s the original, with subtitles so you can still hear how it was intended to sound.

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The similarity to Adventure Time is pretty major! The final shot of the opening song shows “Pie” holding his sword high in the air, as he and his brother, a horse named “Lucky,” get ready to go on adventures.

Oh, and did I mention that Lucky the horse can morph and change shape? Or that the first episode shows them hanging out with a princess who lives in her own kingdom?

Adventure Time Chinese Rip-Off with English Subtitles

The show is pretty darn cute, I must admit, and there’s only one episode around so far. Internet research shows that it was made by a group of animation friends with no budget, just for fun. Well, maybe they’ll make more! 🙂 The only thing we don’t know is if this version takes place in a post-apocalyptic world too. I hope so!

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