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New Post-Apocalyptic Shows for 2015 and When They Air

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The new post-apocalyptic shows for 2015 are almost upon us! Whether it’s a series starting a new season or a brand new show, we’ve got the rundown on what you should definitely check out in the post-apocalyptic genre.

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New Shows

The Last Man on Earth – Yes, it’s a post-apocalyptic comedy, starring Will Forte.  It’s the year 2022 and he believes he’s the last man on the planet after a cataclysm wiped everyone out. However, I’m not totally sure if he’s really the last man, since other people have been cast too. (But could they be flashbacks?) The series will premiere on Fox on March 1.


12 Monkeys – We are sooooo excited about this one! It’s all about avoiding the apocalypse, but has plenty post-apocalyptic fun to qualify for this list. It airs on Syfy on January 16.

The Whispers – There’s not too much information about this show yet, except that it’s coming out in 2015 and is about the beginning of an alien invasion. Oh, and it’s produced by Steven Spielberg, so that’s pretty exciting! May be more pre-apocalyptic than post-apocalyptic, but it sounds interesting.

The Messengers – This one is a pre-apocalyptic/trying to prevent the apocalypse type of TV series, brought to us by CW. It’s coming sometime in 2015, but the exact date hasn’t been announced yet. The premise is a group of people who turn into angels and try to prevent the end of the world. Sounds like nothing could go wrong with this series, right?

Childhood’s End – OK, this one is probably going to be amazing, if only because the book is one of our favorites. 🙂 The air date is yet to be released (sometime in 2015), but the miniseries will air on Syfy. It’s more futuristic than post-apocalyptic, but it’s a must-see anyway.

Returning Shows

The 100 – Can’t wait to see the fallout from the last episode of The 100. Won’t get to see it until January 21, which seems like forever. 🙁

The 100

The Walking Dead – Of course, The Walking Dead is on the list of top returning shows! It will be back Sunday, February 8, which feels way  too far away.

Helix – This show by Syfy is really about the world trying to avoid the apocalypse. It comes back on January 16. Although I enjoyed the first season, it isn’t even close to Ron Moore’s real post-apocalyptic genius, Battlestar Galactica.

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