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Watch Chainsaw Man’s Full Opening Song & English Lyrics: ‘Kick Back’

Chainsaw Man Opening Song

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MAPPA revealed to us even before the series premiered exactly what Chainsaw Man’s opening song was going to be. But it wasn’t until the first episode that we saw just how phenomenal the opening ended up being. Here’s a look at the full version of the opening song, Kick Back, along with the roughly translated English lyrics. Later in this story, you will find three videos with English lyrics, all translated slightly differently. You really need to watch all three to get a full feel for what the intro song means.

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Here’s the Opening Video for ‘Kick Back’ By Kenshi Yonezu 

Weeks before the anime premiered, Crunchyroll reported that the opening song for the anime is “Kick Back” by Kenshi Yonezu.

And MAPPA actually let us hear part of the opening song in one of the anime’s trailers embedded below. 

The song starts about 50 seconds into the trailer. 

But now we have the full opening song, which is 1:30 in length. The scenes they chose for the opening were perfect and fit really well with the anime’s theme. You can watch the official video from MAPPA below. 

Here Are the (Roughly Translated) English Lyrics to Chainsaw Man’s Opening Song

Here are the English lyrics for the song, as provided by Hylyrics X on YouTube and multiple other sources. You can watch the full song in the video below, which includes the lyrics in the video alongside the original language. Please note that all the translations in this article are rough translations, not official, and aren’t guaranteed to be accurate. Neither MAPPA nor Kenshi has released official lyrics for the song in English. 

There are two more videos later in this story with slightly different translations. It’s worth watching all three to get a better idea of what the opening song means. 

The lyrics for the first part of the song are as follows (but we note below in brackets when translations differ from some sources): 

Chainsaw Man Episode 1
Chainsaw Man (Crunchyroll)

Doroyoku, mirai, a beautiful star – This is a phrase repeated throughout the song, and probably what you are most familiar with hearing. 

Roughly translated to: “Striving, the future, a beautiful star” OR “Effort, the future, a beautiful star.” 

I believe Part 1 is the part in the intro video, which we’re including below:

It’s a lucky day when the laundry is empty today [Today is my lucky day because the laundromat is empty]

So I can say bye-bye to the nasty oil stains [I can finally get rid of this dirty/grease stain]

Who is it? Who is it? The voice calling me from my head [Who’s that voice in my head calling out?]

I want that one, I want this one, I keep singing [Singing in my ears, ‘I want this, I want that’]

I want to be happy, I want to live a relaxed life [and to have an easy life]

I want to use this hand to grab what’s in your chest [But what I want in my hands is the thing that you’re hiding within your chest] [I want to hold in my hand what’s inside your heart] (The third translation makes the most sense…) 

The chorus is below. It changes slightly when it’s repeated, but it’s essentially similar. 

Bury me in happiness until I rest in peace, we all go forward together [Fill me up with happiness, “Rest in peace” won’t hold us back] [Just fill it in with happiness, let’s keep going until “Rest in peace”]

The good place called hell that I saw that day, let’s spread love there [I once dreamed of a nice place in hell where love was spread] [spreading love around]

I love you; despise me all you want. [I love you, humiliate me] [I love you, so talk down to me]

Take everything away from me and laugh at me my honey [Take it all away and laugh in my face, my honey]

[Beautiful star line]

Always feel like I’ve accidentally forgotten something [I feel like I’m forgetting something]

There’s more to the song after this, including a full second part and a chorus that differs slightly. You can see these in the videos below. 

Watch the Full English Lyrics in These Videos

Here’s a version with lyrics from Animelody. You’ll be able to see how it differs in some ways from the first one in the section above. There are some disagreements on how the lyrics should be translated. 

And this video below shows even more differences. 

The version above is provided by Anime Vibes. It really takes watching all three to get the true, full feel for what the song means. 

A translation from Kenshi Yonezu about his song on Chainsaw Man’s official website reads: “I’m honored because I liked the original. The power that this work possesses in the first place is tremendous, so it was extremely difficult to find a similar sound, but as a result of accumulating one by one, this song was completed. I would appreciate it if you could hear it. thank you very much.” 

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