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Watch Chainsaw Man Episode 1 Full Ending Song & English Lyrics

Chainsaw Man Ending Song (Crunchyroll)

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Chainsaw Man is going to have a different ending song for each episode. Here’s a look at the ending song for Episode 1, including the full version of the song and the English lyrics. Read on to watch the videos and see the lyrics. 

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Here’s the Video for the Ending Song ‘Chainsaw Blood’ by Vaundy

Chainsaw Man Episode 1’s ending song is “Chainsaw Blood” by Vaundy. Here’s the official video as shared by MAPPA

But in addition to this opening, which is less than 2 minutes long, Vaundy has released an official 3:21 length video on their YouTube channel. You can watch this longer version in the video below. 

English Lyrics to the Ending Song

Chainsaw Man (Crunchyroll)
Chainsaw Man (Crunchyroll)

As always, the English lyrics differ a bit depending on the translator. We’re providing videos that share the lyrics, along with the translated chorus. The translation of the chorus is provided by Lyrical Nonsense and several YouTube sources, including Nimez Music and HYLyrics X. Where translations differed, we added alternatives in brackets. 

Here’s the translation of the chorus: 


My blood seethes and boils [My blood is boiling and it’s already boiling]
And I can’t stop
I can smash, tear, but it won’t stop [It won’t stop even if it’s smashed and worn]
Hu Hu Hu Hu
Tell me why cry? Tell me why…?
My blood seethes and boils [My blood is boiling and it’s already boiling]
And it can’t stop
A nightmare each time blood pours down my throat [Every time I eat blood, it’s a nightmare again cross]
Hu Hu Hu Hu
Tell me why cry?
Tell me why you grinning?

Note that the lyrics above are not guaranteed to be correct. These are compilations from several different sources, but MAPPA has not released an official set of English-translated lyrics, unfortunately. 

However, several YouTube channels have released compilations of the song with lyrics. Here’s a lyrics video by Hylyrics X: 

And here’s another video by Nimez Music with lyrics: 

This one is by Joselyn and actually has Spanish subtitles rather than English: 

On its official website, Chainsaw Man included quotes from different musicians about their work. 

Vaundy wrote (in the Google translated version): “…I’m very happy that I was able to face this work, which I love so much, even though I was worried about various things. In making the song, I re-read the original many times, biting and swallowing the taste of Chainsaw Man that I got from that, and I think I was able to spit out the music that I thought was appropriate for this work.”

Vaundy went on to write: “It would be great if I could help bring life to the wonderful work and characters of Chainsaw Man. I think it’s a song that you will find interesting even when you listen to it again after you’ve finished watching all the episodes of the anime. Feel free to feel this song along with the work!” 

Vaundy also shared a teaser for a music video that’s coming out about the ending song. It’s premiering on October 18. 

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