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Watch Chainsaw Man Episode 5 Full Ending Song & English Lyrics

Chainsaw Man Ending Song 5 (MAPPA)

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Chainsaw Man Episode 5 had another great ending song this week. Each artist is really giving their all to provide a compelling, creative and unique song that’s perfect for the series. Here’s a look at the ending song for Episode 5, including the full version of the song and the English lyrics. Read on to watch the videos and see the lyrics. 

Here’s the Video for the Ending Song by Syudou

Chainsaw Man Episode 5’s ending song is by Syudou. Here’s the official video as shared by MAPPA. The video is 1:29 in length.

And here’s a link to where you can play the song on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, iTunes, and more.

The title is roughly translated to mean “In the Backroom,” according to Mappa.

Chainsaw Man’s official webpage describes Syudou this way (per a rough attempt by Google Translate): “Since 2012, they have been active on the Internet and released many hits such as Jame, Bitter Chocolate Decoration, Call Boy, and Cute Girlfriend. They have provided songs to various artists such as singers and Vtubers… In March 2021, they started working as a singer-songwriter. They’re expanding fans with their own dark worldview as a weapon, such as singing ‘Bakusho,’ which has surpassed 15 million views.”

According to LastFM, Syudou is a vocaloid producer and his style often varies. 

English Lyrics to the Ending Song

Chainsaw Man Episode 5 (MAPPA)
Chainsaw Man Episode 5 (MAPPA)

Unfortunately, the official MAPPA video doesn’t include subtitles or lyrics, so we have to do a little guesswork and research.  Syudou also has not yet released official lyrics on their YouTube channel. However, they have a video that is premiering on November 9 at 5 a.m., and we are hoping this has some lyrics in it.

In the meantime, Jpop&Lyrics has provided a video that shows a rough translation of the English lyrics, which you can watch below. 

Below are some roughly translated lyrics, provided from different sources, including the video above, Lyrics K Pop, a Google-translated version of Genius Lyrics, and more. We’ll update this as more information is available. We’re providing alternate translations in brackets when multiple sources don’t quite line up.

Roughly Translated Lyrics: 

Wait a minute, it’s not good.

This hell will continue tomorrow. There’s no exit. [There’s no way out.]

I can’t find anything, do you know anything about you? [Do you know who you are?]

Come to think of it, the encounter was simple. [When I think about it, the encounter was simple.]

My head was shaking, like I drank too much alcohol and our eyes met. 

[Come to think of it, the encounter was simple like I drank hard liquor. Head wobbly and our eyes met.] [Like a heavy drinker, my head was wobbling and our eyes met.]


I’ll give you my life and my heart in exchange for a moment’s revival  [In exchange for a flash of new life/a moment’s newness, I’ll give you my life and my heart.]

Anxiety and nightmares that last forever [Eternal anxiety and nightmares]

By the time I woke up, I had become a poisonous insect. [When I woke up, I was a poisonous insect.]



I’m noisy with this junk-stained voice, I’ll shut up the outfield without you saying anything. [With this junk-dirty/junk-stained voice, silence the noisy outfield. Even if you don’t say anything, this side will punch.] [Even if you don’t say anything, I’ll knock you in.]

Get out of the minds of those who despised you as evil. [Scorned as an evil fellow, get out of their minds.]

I don’t know if it’s love or not, but I’ll fall as deeply as you wish. [I’ll fall as deep as I want.]

I’ve arrived, chasing only your back. I’ll escape from this curse and bondage. [Ohhh, we’ve arrived. I’ll only follow your back. I’ll escape from this curse and bondage]

[End Chorus]


It’s like being told you don’t know what’s the reason for pride that has no value or meaning. [It’s like being told you don’t care. What’s the reason for pride that has no value or meaning?]

You don’t seem to notice, but in reality, you know everything. 

Courtship, worship. It’s easier to live if you’re not joking. [Courtship, worship, playful you can live comfortably without it.] [Courtship, worship, don’t be silly – you can live without it.]

The tears I’ve shed so much I didn’t save myself, just the music was playing. [The tears that have been shed, there was no salvation, just the music was ringing.]


But the pride that should be cut quickly, achieve without abandoning anything. 

Loved the bitterness, and bitterness I’ll drink it without leaving a single grain. [Loved the bitterness. I’ll drink it without leaving a single grain.]

A kind of youthful bliss, shame on those who licked. [It was, it was a life of shame upon shame. But I’m singing here.]


Since the day I was born, words and blades are sharpened. 

Come to think of it, the encounter was simple. It was a life of shame upon shame. 

I still won one. Sleepless nights and indelible regrets.

Again and again (repeated)

I’ve been here many times, but I’m singing here. [I’ve been singing here many times.]


[Repeat chorus]


Wait a minute, it’s a loop again. [It’s another loop.]

Like the backroom, there is no exit to longing. [Like the backroom, there’s no way out of my admiration.]

I can’t actually go out yet, do you know anything about you? [Actually, I still can’t get out, but do you know me?]

Please note that the translations above are rough translations, so they are likely not 100% accurate. As you can see, there are already different proposed translations of certain lines, and a lot of it doesn’t make much sense. 

Sometimes you can find more translations here, which we’ll be watching. 

On the official Chainsaw Man webpage, Syudou said about his ending song (according to a Google translate version): “I started making music because I wanted to be popular, and I continue doing music because I want to be popular. I think that I myself have a spirituality close to Denji in that one point. When I was put in charge of the music for Chainsaw Man, I thought about what kind of music I would make if I were Denji. I thought maybe he would scream out his emotions. As a result, I think that such a song was completed. It’s a song that means a lot to me. I strongly hope that this song will make the work even more wonderful. I hope you will enjoy the music along with the anime Chainsaw Man.”

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