CES 2019 Shows Robot Apocalypse Danger Not Over Yet

CES 2019 was all about robots, robots, robots, which of course will bring up some thoughts about the robot apocalypse. Here is a rundown of the highlights for things that might end the world. (Personally, I love robots and technological innovations, but hey, you never know, right?)

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IBM Is Opening a Quantum Computation Center

I’m excited about quantum computers. I think they’re going to open up a whole new frontier in computing, robotics, and technology. I also personally believe that we won’t achieve true AI until we have perfected quantum computing. (Side note, apparently ‘true AI that mimics human brains’ is now called AGI as opposed to AI, which refers to a system interpreting data and learning from the data. The more you know.)

And as we all know from science fiction, AI is what ultimately destroys humanity. (I personally think AI will be nice to us, but a lot of people disagree.)

A GoSun Fusion Solar Cooker Will Help You Survive the Apocalypse

GoSun announced its new Fusion Solar Cooker during CES 2019, Teche Blog reported. This can be powered by a solar panel or a car’s cigarette port. It can reach 550 degrees Fahrenheit and can prepare a meal for five in an hour. So you’ll be eating in style when the world’s ending. The price starts at $400, but when the zombies and robots come, you’ll be glad you spent the money. Believe it or not, you can get a lot of really cool solar products from GoSun on Amazon. I imagine the fusion solar cooker will be added to that list soon.

Oh, and here’s a solar cooking book if you’d like one:

A Self-Driving Tesla Killed a Robot During CES

This was so good, I wrote a story about it here.

Robots Everywhere

This may be the beginning. The robot apocalypse starts with smiling robots.

And of course, we’re training robots to recognize their surroundings and move anywhere. I mean, it’s cool, but at what cost?

They can be trained to follow us too. Confession: I still want this suitcase robot.

And they’re coming in all shapes and sizes.

If you haven’t seen Black Mirror’s Metalhead then you won’t know just how scary the idea of a robot animal can be.


Look, I really want this robot. I like the idea of a robot delivering my packages. It’s cute. In fact, I think all these robots are great ideas and I’ll likely enjoy interacting with them. Still doesn’t mean it isn’t also reminiscent of Metalhead.

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