The Bird Box Challenge Is the Worst Post-Apocalyptic Challenge Ever

bird box challenge

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Bird Box is a post-apocalyptic movie on Netflix that I really enjoyed. Some people are nitpicky about it, but I personally thought it was great. (Ok, sure, there was some suspension-of-disbelief moments for sure. But I still enjoyed it.)  That is, I enjoyed it until a lot of people started turning it into this strange challenge where they try to get around their neighborhood/city/etc. blindfolded. Friends, this is NOT what prepping means. (I know, I know, it’s all in fun. But still…)

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You’d think we could have some nice post-apocalyptic challenges. Who can create the best bugout bag? Who can survive in the woods for a day? Who can evade capture in a post-apocalyptic-themed paintball game? But noooooo. The world latches onto a BLINDFOLD CHALLENGE. Sigh.

The worst example of the Bird Box challenge happened in Utah when a teen crashed her car while driving with her eyes closed. SIGH. The 17-year-old apparently hit another car when she pulled a hat over her eyes while she was pretending there was an apocalyptic alien causing people to die after they saw it, ABC 6 reported. Here’s a picture of the wreck released by the Layton Police Department.

Layton Police Department
Layton Police Department

Netflix even tweeted, asking people to not do the challenge.

Now sure, the Bird Box Challenge can be kind of fun.

But then…

And let’s just not drive, OK?

This “meme” challenge has been gaining widespread attention. Ironically, the Bird Box alien caused people to kill themselves or run straight into danger after seeing it. And now people are pretty much doing a tamer version of that after seeing the movie. Hmmm…

If this is how the apocalypse starts, I’m ashamed. 🙁

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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