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Drug-Resistant Fungus Candida Auris a ‘Serious Global Health Threat’

Candida Auris

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Candida auris, or C. auris, is a recently discovered fungus that poses a significant risk to the health of people all over the world. Rest assured, it’s nothing like the cordyceps you’ll see on The Last of Us, however, The CDC’s Mycotic Diseases Branch monitors the number of cases of C. auris that have been reported in the United States throughout the course of time in order to evaluate the effectiveness of preventative methods and provide input on public health policies. 

What is Candida Auris?

Candida auris, also referred to by its scientific name, C. auris, is a fungus that may lead to severe infections. As per the CDC explains, C. auris has been linked to bloodstream infections and even fatalities, especially in people with significant medical conditions who are residing in healthcare facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes. More than one patient out of every three who are diagnosed with an invasive C. auris infection (such as an infection that affects the blood, heart, or brain) will pass away. This is causing fear amongst patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Candida Auris

This is because of the nature of the treatments available right now; Antifungal medications that are typically used to treat Candida infections often fail to be effective against C. auris. There have been cases of C. auris infections that are resistant to treatment with all three categories of antifungal medication, and that makes it difficult to treat quickly.

There is also the fact that identifying the infection can take time, and is quite the ticking bomb in making sure patients are quickly treated. Unless specialist laboratory equipment is used, C. auris may be mistaken for other species of fungus. It is possible that a patient may get the incorrect treatment as a result of this, and eventually lead to the patient’s death.

Am I infected with C. Auris?

If you suspect that you have a serious fungal infection, it’s important to seek immediate healthcare attention. While the infections are rare, since people who develop invasive Candida infections are typically already unwell from other medical issues, it might be difficult to identify whether you have a C. auris infection because the symptoms are similar to those of other illnesses.

Fever and chills that do not improve after receiving antibiotic therapy for a suspected bacterial infection are the symptoms that are most characteristic of an invasive Candida infection. Infection with C. auris can only be diagnosed with the use of a laboratory test, so if you suspect that you have a fungal infection or an illness related with your healthcare, you should consult with your healthcare practitioner as quickly as possible.

C. Auris

Tracking C. Auris

The CDC is concerned about C. Auris because it has been responsible for epidemics in healthcare facilities. Because of this, it is essential to conduct a speedy diagnosis of C. auris in a patient who is currently being treated in a healthcare facility so that these establishments may take additional safety measures to prevent the infection from spreading. To help the population track cases of C. auris infections, a webpage is available for you to keep an eye out for new cases. 

Candida Auris tracking

The only downside of this is that this page does not contain the past three months of data. You can see the cases from January 2022 to December 2022, and years prior, which is still practical, so keep your eyes peeled for new data. And follow us on socials as we stay updated on the cases from the CDC. 

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