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Bubble’s Ending Song: Lyrics & English Translation

bubble lyrics end song

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Bubble is now out on Netflix and the soundtrack is just as beautiful as the anime itself. Fans of singer-songwriter Riria. (spelled with a period) have nothing but praising comments about her performance in the song titled “Jaa ne, Mata ne.” (じゃあね、またね。, “See You, Catch You Later.”)  and as a voice actor in the movie, playing the role of Uta.

Here Is Bubble’s Ending Song: Lyrics & English Translation

The ED theme song was created with the character she voices in mind. She said, “I created this song while imagining what Uta and Hibiki would be like if they existed in the present day.” 

Riria. began releasing her performance videos on TikTok and YouTube without displaying her face in the fall of 2019, and her voice has drawn a large number of fans and amazing comments from people of all ages. She now has over 1.7 million followers on social media. Originally, she was just supposed to sing the final theme song in the movie. However, the film’s planner/producer, Genki Kawamura (Your Name., Weathering With You), made the bold decision to cast her as the primary heroine, Uta.

The video doesn’t have any lyrics, however with a quick google translate button, Ta-dah! Here they are, ready for your eyes:

See you, see you, see you, see you,
See you, see you, see you, see you,
See you, see you, see me, see you,
See me, see you, see me I want to see you,

I want to give you a birthday,
I want to wear new clothes,
I want to get closer to your taste,
And all the days I sleep are gone, all of them are gone.

See you, see you, see you, see you,
See you, see you, see you, see you,
See you, see you, see you, see you,
See you, see you I wonder if I’ll forget the smell

I wonder who the promise will come true
And share a lonely night,
But I’m sorry I can’t keep my promise
If I listen to this song I don’t have to remember it,
So I just have to make another promise,
So come back … [See you again. ]

See you again See you See you See you
The day you can’t say “See you tomorrow”
See you See you See you
I’ll continue to recruit my lovers I’ll never disappear from my heart (here)



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