That Bosstown Dynamics Military Robot Video Is a Parody, But Similar Robots Exist

Corridor Bosstown Dynamics military robot video

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A new parody video has emerged that terrifies people who first see it into thinking the robot apocalypse is closer than we think. It’s a Bosstown Dynamics video by Corridor Digital and it shows a military-trained robot shooting people, getting knocked over and jumping back to continue shooting, and finally racing off with its robot pet to safety. When I first watched the video I didn’t make it through the whole thing and found myself thinking it was real, because Boston Dynamics has been making something similar (only they aren’t training their robots to shoot, THANK GOD.) But thankfully, the line hasn’t been crossed yet and this video is just a wonderful parody.

That crazy Bosstown Dynamics military robot video by Corridor is a parody - THANK GOD. Click To Tweet

Here’s the video in question.

What makes this video confusing is the YouTube title, which reads: “Boston Dynamics: New Robot Makes Soldiers Obsolete.” But the watermark actually reads Bosstown Dynamics, which clues you into this being a wonderfully made parody. As one commenter wrote: “The most epic ripoff of Chappie I’ve ever seen.”

I was yelling at the video when I saw the robot training its gun on people and shooting them. “How will it tell friend from foe?” Although I wouldn’t be surprised if the military wanted this one day, that day is not today. So no, the apocalypse isn’t upon us yet.

On Reddit, viewers commented on how realistic the video is. U/Megatruck wrote: “Provided that the first video managed to fool a decent amount of people, I’m glad that this one was more ridiculous by comparison. Having one guy’s face blurred out is a nice way to make it feel more real though lol.” Another said the video fooled him until the part with the bees.

The ending of this video was my favorite part, and it’s what will reveal this isn’t real if you were wondering all the way through. They produce a cute little dog-shaped robot that looks a lot like what Boston Dynamics has really created. Then they try to force the robot to shoot the little doggo. He won’t. Instead, he takes off with the dog in his arms and runs away to safety. That was a nice touch. 🙂

Back in June, Corridor had another Bosstown Dynamics video that fooled a lot of people. Corridor Digital is a visual effects team, Gizmodo shared, and it makes graphics for video games and viral films. At the time, they said they were inspired by Boston Dynamics. Looks like they still are. Their current video got more than 300,000 views in just three hours.

Here’s their first video that tricked people four months ago.

The real-life version by Boston Dynamics isn’t too far off from this, but thankfully Boston Dynamics hasn’t been training their robots to shoot people.

Check out what one of their robots can do. THIS is real life below.

And Spot is in production now:

So there are some really cool things going on with robots, but they’re not shooting people. Here’s hoping that skill isn’t programmed into them in the future.

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