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War of the Worlds Is 1st UK TV Series to Start Filming During Pandemic

War of the Worlds (Epix)

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In what is probably the most fitting decision in the middle of a crazy pandemic-filled world, the post-apocalyptic TV series War of the Worlds is going to be the first UK TV series to start filming again.

#WaroftheWorlds Season 2 is the first UK TV series to start filming again during the pandemic. This seems like the natural choice. Share on X

War of the Worlds Season 1 premiered near the end of 2019. In the United States, it aired on Epix and it was on Fox in the UK. This version, which was quickly renewed for a second season, takes place in modern-day Europe. (It shouldn’t be confused with the other War of the Worlds that premiered at almost the same time, but takes place in historic Europe.)

War of the Worlds, starring Lea Drucker, Gabriel Byrne, Adel Bencherif, Natasha Little, Elizabeth McGovern, and Daisy Edgar-Jones, was really good. Some people thought it strayed a little much from the source material, but I really liked it. This series gets dark sometimes though. It’s perfectly fitting for an apocalyptic series about an alien invasion to get as dark as this one does. But some TV series are nervous about stepping into that territory. War of the Worlds isn’t. So if you’re looking for a little apocalyptic darkness in the midst of your dystopian pandemic reality, this is a good choice. (You can watch Season 1 on Amazon here. Just note, this is an affiliate link, but we highly recommend the series.)

Now it looks like the series is breaking new ground in more ways than one.

Deadline reported that War of the Worlds is the first UK TV drama series to start filming again during the pandemic. Movies like Jurassic World and Mission Impossible are already filming. But this is the first TV show to take the plunge too. It will start filming Monday, July 13, in Newport, Wales. This is actually right in line with Urban Myth Films’ plans, so that’s pretty impressive too.

Johnny Capps, Urban Myth director, told Deadline that they hired a COVID coordinator to make sure plenty of safety procedures are in place, along with an extensive list of protocols to follow for safety. Shooting is expected to take three months and the cast and crew will all be tested. There will be temperature tests each day crew arrive at the studio and individuals will have color-coded armbands letting them know which parts of the filming they get to access.

They’ll be observing two-meter social distancing, Deadline reported, except when actors need to be closer for “dramatically necessary” scenes. Cast and the crew who interact with them will be quarantined (and they were already tested 14 and 7 days before shooting.)

Capps told Deadline: “We will have a system in place which is a very robust screening for the cast, so the actors can feel very safe and we create a bubble in which they will be able to do their job without the fear of infection.”

Just like Season 1, Season 2 will be eight episodes.

We can’t wait.


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