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Watch Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2’s Opening Song Lyrics

Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Intro

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Attack on Titan has some of the best opening songs in all of television, and Season 4 Part 2 is no exception. If you’re watching the show on Hulu, Funimation, or Crunchyroll, then you’re not seeing the subtitles in English that go along with the intro song. You can watch them here, and we’ll provide the English lyrics in the text below too.

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This article is manga-spoiler-free.

Watch the Lyrics as the Video Plays

If you’re not listening closely, you might have missed that the entire intro song for Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 is already in English. However, the lyrics can still be a little tough to understand if you don’t have the subtitles.

You can read the lyrics as the video plays in the embedded video below. To see the lyrics, you’ll need to turn on closed captioning while listening to the song below. Just click on the “CC” button at the bottom of the video.

If for any reason clicking on “CC” doesn’t bring up the English subtitles, you can click on the “gear” symbol in the bottom right part of the video. This will bring up settings, where you can then click on Subtitles. Click “Subtitles,” which will bring up a new window, and then click “English.”

Here Are the Subtitles to the Opening Song

Here are the lyrics as they appear in the video. Note that the song is actually in English, but you can’t be blamed if you couldn’t really understand that. When you watch it with the lyrics you start recognizing that yes, it’s in English. But sometimes it’s hard to understand.

Rumbling, Rumbling, It’s Coming

Rumbling, Rumbling


Coming for you!

All I ever wanted to do was do right things

I never wanted to be the king

I swear!

All I ever wanted to do was save your life

I never wanted to grab a knife

I swear!

Tearless, fearless, burning, burning

You tell me what have I missed?

Still wandering in the deep mist.

If  I lose it all, slip and fall

I will never look away.

If I lose it all, lose it all, lose it all.

If I lose it all, outside the wall

Live to die another day.

I don’t want anything, I’m just here to…


Rumbling, Rumbling, it’s coming, Rumbling, Rumbling.

As an interesting note, not everyone agrees with the official translation of the lyrics. You’ll see some slight variations in other subtitles on YouTube, with some people thinking the lyrics have to say “BREAK FREE!” at the end of “I’m just here to” rather than “Beware!” However, these lyrics are also shared on SiM’s official YouTube page and included on YouTube here so they must be correct.

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