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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 29: Preview, Title & Release Date

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 29

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With the latest episode of Attack on Titan, “Dawn of Humanity,” finally airing, fans are no doubt wanting all the details they can get about Season 4 Episode 29 (aka Episode 88.) There wasn’t a preview after the latest English subtitled episode, but a teaser video and more details have been released. Here’s everything we know, including the release date and possible episode title.  

Here's what we know so far about #AttackonTitan S4E29 (aka Episode 88), including a teaser and potential title. Share on X

(Don’t forget to read our review of the newest episode here.) 

The New Episode Will Air in 2023 & a Teaser Video Has Been Shared

Season 4 Episode 29 (aka Episode 88) will be releasing in 2023, according to an official announcement from the creators that aired on NHK in Japan. 

Here’s the teaser visual that was released:

Of course, the video provides more details than the visual. Here’s the teaser video, which is pretty fascinating to watch. 

The show’s official website provided a longer writeup about the announcement. Here’s how Google translated what they said into English: 

It was announced that the final version of the TV anime “Attack on Titan” The Final Season will be broadcast on NHK General TV in 2023!
In addition, a teaser visual is also released! In the footsteps of the giant after the rumbling, Mikasa, Armin, Levi and other Survey corps, and Reiner, Falco, and Gabi who work together to stop Eren with them are gathered in this visual!

The TV anime “Attack on Titan”, which has continued since 2013, has finally reached its 10th anniversary. Please look forward to 2023!

Here’s a screenshot of that translation.

Of course, there are some problems with the translation, such as Eren being translated as Ellen in English, or the Survey Corps being called the “investigative corps.” But I think we can figure out what they mean. 

The new season is going to be a lot of fun since we’ll be celebrating the 10th anniversary at the same time! 

So Season 4 Episode 29 (aka Episode 88) is airing in 2023. More than likely it will be January 2023, keeping with the same schedule that Season 4 Part 1 and Season 4 Part 2 followed. 

Here’s What the New Episode Will Likely Be Titled

The most recent episodes of “Attack on Titan” have followed a very strict pattern of animating one chapter in the manga per anime episode. Sometimes they would add a little bit extra that they had skipped in a previous manga chapter, but for the most part, this last month has been one chapter per episode. The titles have also corresponded exactly with what they were titled in the manga. 

Because there are only nine manga chapters left (chapters 131-139), we expect this trend to continue with Season 4 Part 3 and the first episode in 2023, which is Episode 88. 

So with that in mind, we expect Season 4 Episode 29 (aka Episode 88) to be titled, “The Rumbling.” 

That doesn’t give us a lot to go on in predicting what’s going to happen, but it’s interesting nonetheless. 

While you’re waiting for the show to return, I suggest going back and watching the English dubs of Season 4 Part 2, which are still being released. (The dub for this week’s episode, for example, will likely drop in about a month.) Quite a few dubs are already posted on Funimation here (that’s an affiliate link). It’s always interesting to listen to the dubs compared to the subs and even see how the translation has changed a bit. 

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