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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 26: Live Countdown to Premiere

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 26 (Funimation)

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Attack on Titan Episode 85, also known as Season 4 Episode 26, will premiere this Sunday afternoon, March 13, 2022. Called “Traitor,” this episode is likely going to be more action-packed after several slower-paced episodes that delved more into what the characters were feeling and experiencing from the fallout of Eren’s decision. To help you get ready for the new episode, we’re providing a countdown in the story below. This is especially important this week, since the episode is airing later than normal.

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Attack on Titan Countdown Timer for Season 4 Episode 26

Season 4 Episode 26 (English sub) will be dropping at 1:45 p.m. Pacific on Sunday, March 13 (3:45 p.m. Central/4:45 p.m. Eastern/9:45 p.m. UTC) in the United States. It’s important to note that this means the episode is dropping an hour later than normal. This is due to the Daylight Savings time change that takes place this weekend.

We’ve provided a timer from from TickCounter embedded below, which is timed to the expected release.

You’ll want to remember that a version without subtitles always airs on TV on NHK in Japan a few hours before it’s available in the U.S. Because of this — and especially because it’s an hour late in the U.S. this week — spoilers will be extra abundant everywhere before the episode drops. So try to avoid social media until you’ve seen it.

If the above timer doesn’t work, we have another that you can use in the next section below.

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A Backup Countdown Timer Is Below

If the timer in the section above doesn’t work for you for any reason, we’re also providing a backup live countdown below, from This second one may not always be responsive to different devices, so if it doesn’t show up as well on your screen, try holding your device horizontally instead of vertically.

Attack on Titan’s subs air in the U.S. on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu. If you’re not a Funimation subscriber, you can sign up here.

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A brief synopsis of last week with spoilers is below.

Last week’s episode, “Night of the End,” was another slower-paced episode. This one helped us understand just how fragile the new alliance is, and how easily it could break down.

Throughout most of the episode, the group determined to save the world sat around a campfire, hashing out their differences. Magath, Pieck, Yelena, Hange, Jean, Mikasa, Armin, Connie, Gabi, Annie, Onyankopon, and Falco were all there. (While Levi slept.)

In the beginning, we saw Jean’s internal struggle with the life he could have had (and how he’s still in love with Mikasa), punctuated by the knowledge that he just can’t stand by and let genocide happen. But he and Magath are still at odds, with neither able to even remotely see things from the other’s point of view.

We also learned that Yelena was lying this whole time. She was a Marleyan pretending to be from an overthrown country so she could secure her place in history by Zeke’s side, saving the world.

Mikasa and Annie almost came to blows when Annie correctly suspected that Mikasa likely would not be able to bring herself to kill Eren. But they put their differences aside for now and will deal with that if the time comes.

After all of this strife, Jean’s struggle spilled over into intense anger at Reiner for the role he played in Marco’s death and his subsequent feelings of remorse. He ended up beating Reiner in anger and only stopped because Gabi stepped in and got kicked by accident. After she was kicked, she delivered the most heart-wrenching apology to Jean for what her side had done, begging him to help them save her family and friends. Her cries made me cry and even Magath was moved.

Levi slept through the whole thing, only wakening briefly to comment with annoyance at how noisy they were all being. I absolutely loved that moment.

We’re left with a cliffhanger. The Jaegerists took control of the port and Floch has taken Azumabito hostage. Things are even more precarious now.

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