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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 20: Live Countdown to Premiere

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 20

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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 20 will air this Sunday, January 30, 2022. Also known as Episode 79 depending on the streaming platform that you use, the new episode is called “Memories of the Future.” After the cliffhanger from last week and everything that happened, you will no doubt want to know the exact moment the new episode is supposed to air in the U.S. We’ve provided live countdown timers in the story below to help you on your quest.

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Best Attack on Titan Countdown Timer

Season 4 Episode 20, “Memories of the Future,” premieres at 12:45 p.m. Pacific on Sunday, January 30 (2:45 p.m. Central/3:45 p.m. Eastern) in the United States.

The best countdown timer is from TickCounter and it’s embedded below.

The timer above is counting down to the time the English subtitled episode is dropping in the United States. The main streaming services you can find the episode on are Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation. Last week’s episode dropped without much problem, but previous week’s episodes have been delayed at times because servers were overloaded, causing one platform to get the episode later than the other platforms. But if all things work correctly, then the time above is when it should first be available.

If the above timer doesn’t work, we have another that you can use in the next section below.

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Backup Live Timer

This next live countdown below is from CountingDownTo. This one is not responsive to different devices, so it won’t show up as well on your screen if you’re holding your phone vertically.

Remember, the episode will drop a few hours earlier on NHK in Japan without subtitles. Between then and the premiere in the U.S., some sites will put up temporary fan-made subtitles, but they won’t be as accurate as the official one. I personally prefer waiting for the official subtitled episode to drop.

When Attack on Titan airs, you can watch it on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu in the United States. Funimation may sometimes get the new episode just a few seconds to a couple of minutes before Crunchyroll or Hulu on occasion, but this doesn’t happen every week. If you’re not a Funimation subscriber, you can sign up here.

Last week’s episode left us on another cliffhanger and with so many questions. But a lot of people died in the episode too. (See a full list here.)

A brief synopsis of last week with spoilers is below.

Falco turned into a Titan and then ate Porco after he willingly offered himself up. Determined to make sure his brother didn’t suffer alone, Falco’s brother Colt died while hugging onto his brother while he transformed. It was gut-wrenching. Reiner almost let Falco eat him, but Porco caught his attention first. Now Falco is going to be the next Jaw Titan, following the line of succession from Marcel to Ymir to Porco.

Many others died when Zeke screamed, including Nile and Pyxis as they turned into Titans too. And Eren himself may have died, after Gabi shot off his head in anger over what happened to Falco. But Zeke caught Eren’s head just before he died, transporting them both to the Path where they met the Founder Ymir. Does this mean that Eren’s body has been rebuilt and he will be fine, just like Zeke? Eren revealed his true motivations, and Zeke revealed that he was not bound to the King Fritz’s ideology because he was not part of the royal family behind the wall. And on top of that, he was able to use his time waiting on Eren to awaken to nullify the vow against war. Now Zeke has the full powers of Ymir, but his love for his younger brother has left him determined to show Eren that he needs to believe in Zeke’s ultimate plan of sterilization for the Eldian people.

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