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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 18: Live Countdown to Premiere

Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 18

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Attack on Titan is back for Season 4 Episode 18 this Sunday,  January 16, 2022. This is the second episode that’s part of Season 4 Part 2 of the final season. The subtitled English episode will premiere later than the original episode airs in Japan, so we’ve put together another live countdown for you to know exactly when S4E18 (aka Episode 77 depending your service) airs in the United States.

Here's a live timer countdown to exactly when #AttackonTitan Season 4 Episode 18 (aka Episode 77) drops in the U.S. Share on X
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Best Attack on Titan Countdown Timers

Season 4 Episode 18 is called “Deception.” The name alone has left me really excited to see this one. The new episode airs at 12:45 p.m. Pacific on Sunday, January 16 (2:45 p.m. Central.)

The first countdown timer is from TickCounter.

Remember: This is the time the episode is supposed to drop.

Some platform’s servers last week were overwhelmed and not everyone could access the episode right on time. Things should (hopefully) be better in that regard this week. If the above timer isn’t what you’re seeking, try this alternative one from Powrio.

Backup Live Timer

This next live countdown is from CountingDownTo. This one is not responsive to different devices, so it won’t show up as well on your screen if you’re holding your phone vertically.

Remember, these are all live countdowns to exactly when the new episode drops in the U.S. with English subtitles. The episode will drop earlier on NHK in Japan.

When Attack on Titan premieres, you can watch it on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu in the United States. Funimation may sometimes get the new episode just a few seconds to a couple of minutes before Crunchyroll or Hulu on occasion, so this is the one we typically watch. If you’re not a Funimation subscriber, you can sign up here.

Last week kicked off the new episode with a bang. (Read our full review here.) We started out with a heartbreaking scene with Levi and Hange, followed up a confusing scene where Zeke tried to interpret a strange vision he had about a mysterious girl. But then the show quickly moved on from all of that, and we had the big confrontation between Reiner and Eren, while Mikasa, Armin, Conny and Jean debated about whether they should help Eren or not. It looks like Eren is going to face some serious trouble if they don’t help him, and I can’t imagine they’ll turn their backs on him.

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