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Attack on Titan Season 2’s Ending Song Predicted Everything in the New Episode

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It looks like the secrets to Attack on Titan that we learned in Season 4 Episode 21 were already revealed to anime-only viewers a long time ago. The Season 2 ending song and video shared all the major revelations from Episode 80, we just all missed the meaning of those scenes back then.

This Attack on Titan story will have spoilers for the newest episode, but the article itself is manga-spoiler-free beyond this episode. For more anime-only discussions, join us on Discord or our AoT Facebook page.

Watch the Season 2 Ending Video

Check out the Season 2 ending video below or at this link. It revealed everything.

It’s crazy to think that it was all right in front of us, but we couldn’t understand exactly what we were seeing.

The first scene shows us Ymir coming into contact with the Titan. It doesn’t reveal the whole glowing spine thing, which leads me to believe there’s more to the Titan’s origin than we currently know. But still, it’s setting the scene.


Next, it’s Ymir, likely when she was first created from the large tree. You can see all the other trees around her, as she faces the Eldian tribe soldiers for the first time.


This image flashes on the screen very briefly. Perhaps signifying wedding rings or Ymir bearing children for the Eldian leader, Fritz?

It’s on the screen for just a second, and I can’t make out the writing on the side. Anyone want to help?


Next, we see the entire very dark scene where Fritz made his children eat their mother’s body after she died. IT WAS RIGHT THERE ALL THIS TIME.

I mean, if you watch the whole thing, you can even see that it pans down to show her entire skeleton just lying there. They’re eating a person. Why didn’t I ever pay attention to this before?

Now I feel like everything’s a clue. What do these pictures mean?


Next we see some scenes that are a little different. This first one must be attacking Marley, since it’s a city built right next to the sea and some Titans are coming out of the water.


This next scene appears to be maybe from Eren’s time when his town was overtaken?


And then we jump right ahead to the Rumbling!


But to me, the most fascinating part is in the beginning when we were literally shown the creation of the Titans multiple seasons before the episode would air.

This Was Also Shown Before the Manga

On Reddit, u/yoshiaditore pointed out that this ending was created before the Ymir chapter was published in the manga too.

They wrote, “Fritz Feeding his children Ymirs corpse was fu***d up but also looked weirdly familiar. Which is weird cause i cant imagine i see Children eating their Mothers flesh that often… At 0:28 we can see that exact same scene which is pretty crazy foreshadowing and i just thought ‘Ha bet the Manga readers were laughing at us back then!’ BUT THEN I LOOKED A LITTLE DEEPER and it turns out the Chapter of the manga that this was adapted from CAME OUT IN 2019 while Season 2 and with it these credits came out in 2017!!”

Yep. The ending was shown in the anime two years before it was published in the manga.

It’s really impressive writing and planning.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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