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Adventure Time: Unresolved Stories & Characters We Must See Before the Show Ends

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Adventure Time solved a huge mystery in its Islands miniseries: exactly what happened to humans after the apocalypse. But now that this mystery has been resolved, and we only have the rest of Season 8 and Season 9 left, there are still a few things we’d like to see explained. Here are the top unresolved plots we need to learn more about. Know of any we missed? Let us know in the comments!

(By the way, this story has spoilers through Islands episode 6. If you haven’t seen the miniseries yet, check it out on Amazon here.)

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What’s Going to Happen to the Lich & Sweet P.? 

The Lich is currently contained in Sweet P. But we’ve seen times when Sweet P. is taken over by the Lich when he’s stressed too much (i.e. Gold Stars.) So is the Adventure Time world safe from the Lich? Will he grow stronger as Sweet P. gets older? We need to know.

Also, remember when the Lich’s hand fell through the Enchiridion portal and somehow ended up in all worlds, during Crossover? That could lead to some crazy stories that we want to hear.

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Will the Ice King Be Cured?

The Ice King Bat (Adventure Time/Cartoon Network)

In her attempt to cure the Ice King, Betty got taken over by Magic Man’s magic. She did something when she tried to reprogram the Ice King’s crown, but we’re still not 100% sure what it was. Is there still a chance for Ice King and Betty to have a happy ending? In 1000+ Graybles, we saw a strange Ice King-like creature flying around in the future that looked more like a bat. That gives some kind of indication that the crown might switch owners at some point down the line.

The Ice Elemental, Patience St. Pim

We got some great clues about the Ice Elemental recently, but there’s still more to learn. She taught PB and Slime Princess how to use their elemental powers. But now she’s plotting something else. It’s a sure bet that this particular plotline will be finished, since it was just brought back up in Season 8. Maybe she will lead to Ice King’s cure somehow.

What Destroys the Candy Kingdom & the Land of Ooo?  

We saw at the end of LemonHope’s episodes that many years in the future (probably about 1,000), the Candy Kingdom and the Land of Oooo are decimated and no longer inhabited. It looks like there was some kind of apocalyptic event all over again. Will we ever find out what it was?

Will Princess Bubblegum Ever Go Full Evil? 

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At times, there have been hints that PB might go full-on evil. We’ve seen her performing some really bizarre experiments at times. But will she always stay on the side of good, or will the call of darkness ever be too strong?

What Is Beyond the Land of Ooo? 

(The Cartoon Network)

The Land of Ooo is a continent in the post-apocalyptic world that includes the Ice Kingdom, the Candy Kingdom, Castle Lemongrab, Wildberry Kingdom, Lumpy Space, Fire Kingdom, and Cloud Kingdom, plus other non-kingdom areas. But we know from seeing the broken-planet that this isn’t the only land mass on Earth. From the miniseries Islands, we know of a few other areas that hold keys to the past. But there are likely many other land masses that we haven’t seen. We likely won’t learn more about these, but they could make great additional stories or spinoffs.

Who Is Jake’s Alien Parent? 

Remember that Jake only exists because a shapshifter alien creature “impregnated” his dad. That’s why he has so many shapeshifting-like abilities himself. But will we ever learn more about his origins?

Will GOLB Return? 

GOLB is a big unknown in the Adventure Time universe. He’s a malevolent deity first seen in Puhoy. In the episode You Forgot Your Floaties, Betty enters Magic Man’s mind and sees a memory of him and Grob discussing GOLB. GOLB was the one who attacked Mars and took Magic Man’s wife. They believe GOLB will one day return, however Magic Man later decides this isn’t likely. GOLB is so powerful that even Prismo couldn’t bring back Magic Man’s wife, Margles, indicating that GOLB can actually end existence entirely, not just kill someone.

What’s Going to Happen with Psychic Tandem Elephant & Maja? 

Remember when Maja and Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant took off together? They’re pretty powerful characters to simply never see again.

Gunter’s Future

(Cartoon Network)

Gunter houses a very powerful being, Orgalorg. Will Orgalorg ever resurface?

Peppermint Butler’s Origin Story

Peppermint Butler is pretty much a master of the dark arts. But will we ever know how he got started in dark magic? We’d love to find out.

Will Finn’s Dad Destroy the Universe?

If you recall, Finn turned down an opportunity to explore the universe and start a new form of life with one of the most powerful deities that ever existed, the Catalyst Comet. But Finn’s dad, Martin, took the opportunity and ran. Will he find some way to epically end everything?

Now that you’ve read our list, let us know in the comments below which character you want to see the most before Adventure Time ends.

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