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Adventure Time Distant Lands Episode 1: Best Easter Eggs & Callbacks

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Adventure Time Distant Lands Episode 1 (BMO) had a lot of callbacks and Easter Eggs. We’re still in the process of discovering them all, but here are a few that you’ll either want to talk about some more or that you might have even missed altogether.

This article has MAJOR spoilers for Adventure Time Distant Lands Episode 1. 


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Space Lards

The Space Lards made an appearance and it was glorious. One even gave BMO a ride back to Earth!


Did you catch the Cuber species living in the Drift?

That was maybe my favorite Easter egg of all.

In Adventure Time, we know Cuber as an alien living 1,000 years in the future and talking about things that happened in Finn’s time. None of these have Grayble cubes though.


BMO and Football
BMO and Football (Cartoon Network)

We learned that BMO has had Football around a lot longer than we had any idea. This picture is actually from the Cartoon Network series, but Football had a pretty sizeable appearance in the Distant Lands BMO episode too.

The Tree House Is Back

This is an obvious callback, but one that I loved.


It’s nice to see the tree house again.


Although not 100% confirmed, by now we all pretty much believe that Finn’s dad Martin is disguised as Mr. M in this episode.

They used the same voice actor for this character and, of course, M could stand for Martin. His personality certainly matches. At the very end of the episode, Mr. M says “Here comes the Rascal,” which is something Martin said in “Min and Marty.”

Hugo also mentioned that Mr. M loves gadgets, which Martin was obsessed with.

It’s just obvious, if you think about it.

Jake’s Alien Dad

I think we caught a glimpse of Jake’s Alien Dad (or the same species) here. Check out this screenshot below. While we were all busy watching the Cubers, an alien that looks a lot like a younger version of Jake’s alien dad walked by.

Now here’s a look at Jake’s alien dad in this video clip. It seems obvious to me that the little guy in the photo above on the lower right had to be related to the aliens in the video clips below, right?


Obviously these two have to be related.

Olive is a Jake Callback


This one’s more minor, but Olive the Service Droid is clearly a callback to Jake. It has the same shapeshifting abilities that help BMO solve mysteries and come out the hero. Of course, BMO is a callback to Finn in this episode, so BMO and Olive make the perfect team.

Could The Bunny Species Be Related to ‘Old Fionna’ of Season 9? 

This has spoilers for Season 9 Episode 12. 

In Season 9 Episode 12, we learned that a humanoid species was masquerading as Old Fionna.

Here’s a screenshot:

Cartoon Network

Ok, that might be more of a stretch…


Probably coincidence, but you never know. There’s a discussion about it on Reddit here:

Living in the EU means i can’t watch distant lands yet, however i knew from seeing Y5 that it wasn’t the first time we’ve seen bunny people in adventure time. discussion? from adventuretime

The Snail Is Only a Shell

Everyone tries to find the snail in every Adventure Time episode. But no one’s been able to find the snail in Distant Lands.

Oh no from adventuretime

It might be because the snail is only a shell in this episode.

There’s so much more, but that’s what we have for now. Any other Easter eggs or callbacks? Let us know in the comments below.

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