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Adventure Time ‘Broke His Crown’: Recap & In-Depth Analysis

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Adventure Time ‘Broke His Crown’ continued the Ice King saga that is probably one of the most compelling stories on the show. It still amazes me how far Ice King has come since Season 1. Sure, personality wise he hasn’t changed that much. But with such a rich background and all the stories surrounding him, my feelings about his character have completely changed. He went from being your typical one-dimensional bad guy in the first few episodes of Season 1 to being one of the most layered, complicated and tragic characters on the show. Tonight we got more of a glimpse into him and what makes the crown tick. As per usual with his story, the few “answers” we got only led to more questions.

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This is an in-depth discussion on the episode titled “Broke His Crown.” So of course, expect spoilers.

(And by the way, if you want to watch Adventure Time now, it’s on Amazon Instant.)

We Learned About Past Ice Kings

We got a glimpse of past Ice Kings. Honestly, I wish we could have seen all of them, but this was good. One of them was Santa Claus, which was unexpected and yet also made absolutely perfect sense. Lives in an ice world, has magical powers… Yeah, it fits! And Marceline knew who Santa Claus was, while Bubblegum had no idea. That was a nice touch.

We also got to see my favorite crown-wearing friend: Gunther! I was worried we’d never see the original Gunther again, after that amazing “Evergreen” episode. (Read an in-depth analysis of Evergreen here and watch the episode right now on Amazon Instant (Season 7, #12.)

More than that, we learned that part of the “sane” consciousness of everyone who wears the crown is downloaded into it, including Simon, Gunther, Santa Claus, and Sven (Svein?). And the part that’s downloaded is pretty extensive, because they retain a lot of their personality, memories, and abilities. So what I want to know is this: is their consciousness slowly replaced by part of the crown’s consciousness (aka Gunther’s caricature viewpoint of Evergreen?) Or is their consciousness simply copied and downloaded into the crown?


And while we’re at it, who is Svein? He looks like an adolescent, kinda resembles Finn, and only wore the crown once. I bet this isn’t the last we see of him. Some have speculated that perhaps he was the one who wore the crown before Simon. A dock worker sold the crown to Simon in Holly Jolly Secrets Pt. 2 and it was from Scandinavia. But so far, that’s all we know. (One person on Reddit speculated that Finn’s name is also Scandinavian in origin, so perhaps Svein is Finn’s ancestor.)


The Glitchy Crown Isn’t Over Yet

So, my husband asked after the episode was over whether it was truly the right thing to shut down Betty’s avatar. And he’s got a point. I mean, she was infecting the crown and doing some crazy things to the Ice King, but what was the endgame? Was her avatar malfunctioning, or was there a chance she could have fixed Simon if given a little more time?

Some people are complaining that the show built up an exciting plotline only to drop it too quickly. But I don’t think that’s what’s happening. In fact, I don’t think we’re done with Betty’s crown story yet. She used some of the power of Orgalorg to get into the crown in the first place. And that is some really strong power that we’re talking about. At the end of the episode, Bubblegum mentioned that a “shadow print” of Betty’s code was still in the crown. So I don’t think we’re done seeing changes yet. I think things are still going to be happening to Ice King aka Simon.

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Where Is Magic Man?

Now that Magic Man has lost his powers and Betty is Magic Woman, what happened to Magic Man? Fear not. We’re getting an episode in the future titled “Normal Man.” I’d expect that one to clear things up.

By the way, there are some similarities between Magic Man and Betty/Magic Woman. Both are driven by the desire to save their true loves. Magic Man’s wife, Margles, was kidnapped by GOLB. (GOLB is a crazy strong force, possibly a deity, who even Glob was afraid of. Even Prismo couldn’t bring Margles back from GOLB.) Magic Man ultimately failed in his quest, and that failure is what made him so “jerky.” Meanwhile, Betty is trying to rescue Simon from the crown, which is also an incredibly powerful force. Will she fail just like Magic Man?


Simon Said He Had a ‘Labyrinth’ in His Brain Before He Went Crazy

You’re gonna love this one. Before Simon went crazy, he talked about a labyrinth in his brain that was causing him to go crazy (back in Season 3.) Did you ever guess that he actually meant a literal labyrinth in his brain?!

Simon once said he has a labyrinth in his brain. He was being literal! #AdventureTime Share on X

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