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Zombieverse: Netflix’s New Thrilling Zombie Apocalypse Reality Show


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When we get together with our zombie-loving friends, we like to ask ourselves what we’d do if a zombie apocalypse started today. It’s a light-hearted fantasy that can test the boundaries of weapon knowledge, TV knowledge, and prepper knowledge. But an upcoming reality show on Netflix will put those plans to the test.

Zombieverse is a “zombie apocalypse reality show” from South Korea that pits dozens of actors (some as zombies, some as survivors) against a team of 10 contestants who have no idea that the whole thing is fake.

Netflix is certainly no stranger to zombie stories out of South Korea like Alice in Borderland, Train to Busan, All of Us Are Dead, Sweet Home, Hellbound, and Kingdom to name a few. Plus, the rise of physical competition reality shows like Physical: 100 proves that a combination of those genres should be a hit.

From the trailer, Zombieverse looks to involve a bit of the classic Scare Tactics show in there with the unscripted magic of something like FreeVee’s Jury Duty (which is an amazing show, btw). But Zombieverse has another tried-and-true reality show element: celebrities.

The show will incorporate K-pop superstar Tsuki from the group Billie, actress Lee Si-young from Sweet Home, YouTuber and Singles’ Inferno contestant Dex, comedian Park Na-rae, and many more.

Zombieverse on Netflix

Watch for Zombieverse to hit Netflix on August 8.

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