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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of March 24-30

Youtube Round-up

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The Survivors : A Rider’s Legacy
This short film tells the story of a lone survivor who is stalked by a mysterious black truck which leads him to the shack of an old wasteland hermit. This is the third film in the Survivors trilogy by REK Films.

Drawing Post Apocalyptic Anime (ft. Jonah Scott)
Drawfee is a great video podcast that celebrates art while talking to celebrities. In this episode, hosts Nathan, Jacob, and Karina are joined by voice actor Jonah Scott to draw some of his best characters as they’d look surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Post-Apocalyptic Costume for a Metal Band Leader – Wolves of War
Dmitri at Nuclear Snail is the OG grand daddy of post-apocalyptic costumers, so it’s great seeing him make new content. This is a costume he made for the lead singer of the metal band Wolves of War. This video shows some great detail of the costume as Dmitri explains how he made it.

Post apocalyptic work truck build. Flatbed made from scrap materials
As the title suggests, this is a post-apocalyptic truck build from found materials in the host’s yard.

Sampling of Post-apocalyptic Machines
Speaking of post-apocalyptic vehicles, this is a collection of videos featuring all kinds of vehicles that look like they could survive the apocalypse. Most of them are rat rods, but they’re definitely worth a look if you’re thinking of building a wasteland car or truck yourself.

Forever Skies Gameplay Trailer
The newly announced Forever Skies trailer dropped this week, showing off some of the game’s gorgeous environments and exciting gameplay. This one went straight to my Steam wishlist, but it will also be available for the PS5 and Xbox Series X on launch.

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