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Watching Daryl’s Last Ride on ‘The Walking Dead’ Set Is Bittersweet

Daryl's last ride

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On March 30, we shared a few posts and moments from The Walking Dead cast as they said goodbye on their last day of filming. Now more final moments have emerged, including an incredibly bittersweet film showing Daryl Dixon’s last ride on The Walking Dead set. This one in particular hits hard. 

Watch Daryl Dixon’s Last Ride Below

Duane Charles Manwiller, director of photography for The Walking Dead, has been sharing behind-the-scenes moments on Instagram as filming wrapped. One of those was Daryl Dixon’s last ride for the show, a bittersweet moment featuring Norman Reedus on his motorcycle. 

You can watch the video below or on Instagram at this link.

Manwiller wrote, “💀 THE WALKING DEAD 💀 FINALE SEASON THE END………………… The Walking Dead has WRAPPED. Daryl Dixon’s last ride…………..Gonna miss you Norman. Thanks for wild ride😎.” 

One fan replied, “You couldn’t have posted a video I’d love more. Our lovely Daryl Dixon ❤️❤️ Thank you 😊”

Another fan wrote, “Heartbreaking, but at the same time so inspiring. The relationships that have been built around this show, the amount of excitement we all share week in & week out, the tears, the smiles, the screams, the laugh, forever & ever, we are #TheWalkingDeadFamily #TWD THIS IS FOR GLENN!”

It’s tough to see Daryl’s last ride on the show’s set. He’s been such an icon for fans. And although his journey won’t technically be over, this is indeed the end of an era.

Manwiller also shared a final photo of Carol (Melissa McBride.) 

Manwiller wrote, “Melissa McBride and Director Greg Nicotero share a moment on the last day of principal photography. What a journey it has been 😎.” 

The Cast & Crew Also Shared a Wrap Photo

The cast and crew also shared a final wrap photo on March 30. 

Manwiller also shared a final photo of the camera department and gave them a shoutout. 

He wrote, “A HUGE shout out to my amazing camera department. A truly incredible and talented group of camera brothers and sisters with mad skills that will forever be in my heart. Thanks for trekking through this journey of the dead with me. Now let’s take a little breather and get back into another battle. Love you all ❤️😎.” 

Reedus replied, “Dream team.” 

The Commonwealth Square was flashing in rainbow colors as they wrapped filming for the last time.

Confetti rained down from the sky.

Manwiller also shared his personal thoughts about the show ending. 

He wrote, “This is where my heads at as we wind into our last day of filming on TWD. A mix of emotions but ultimately very excited to be concluding our story and moving on to a new chapter. What an amazing ride it’s been.”

Daryl and Carol’s story isn’t over. As we previously reported, a spinoff with Daryl and Carol is in the works. But it’s going to feel different from the series we’re so familiar with.

“I think it’s gonna be a very different look, a very different show, a very different feel,” Reedus told TheWrap.

So while we are indeed saying goodbye, it’s just “goodbye for now.” Many spinoffs are coming soon. 

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