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YouTube Round-up: The Best Post-Apocalyptic Videos of June 17-23

YouTube Round-up

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In this week’s YouTube Round-up, I decided it might be fun to forego the usual mish-mash of post-apocalyptic videos to focus entirely on short trailers for upcoming or newly released movies — some of which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 18.

These trailers vary from low budget to blockbuster, with one notable hidden gem in there that has me excited for its release.

So with such short videos this week, you should be able to knock them all out in one sitting and make your own list of your favorites to check out at release.

All Gone – GTA 5 Post Apocalyptic Thriller Movie | Official Trailer
This first one is a trailer for a machinima (video-game-based) movie that was created entirely in Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTAV). If you’d like to find out more, check out the film maker’s Instagram @lukefourstar.

Berserkers – Trailer
Synapsis: “Four friends must fight for their lives when the everyone in their hometown is turned into bloodthirsty maniacs, only to find themselves escaping to a post apocalyptic wasteland as a virus slowly engulfs the world.” Berserkers is available now on the studio’s website.

How It Ends — Official Trailer
So this one is considered more of a pre-apocalyptic movie but I really like the premise. How It Ends is an upcoming movie about a woman who ties up loose ends with people in her life while planning one last big party before the world ends. The star-studded film releases on July 20th.

After The End (2021) – Official Trailer (HD)
This one looks like an interesting movie about a kid who seemingly enjoys being one of the last people left on earth after an apocalypse, but he soon finds that he may be in over his head. It’s set to release on August 17th.

Gaia Exclusive Movie Clip – Who Are They (2021)
I’ve featured Gaia on this round-up a few months ago, but it just released this week in theaters and this clip shows off why I’m super excited to see it when it comes to VOD on the 25th.

SETTLERS Official Trailer (2021)
This is the hidden gem I mentioned earlier. It takes place on the frontier lands of Mars (assumedly after an apocalypse on Earth) as new settlers cope with the planet’s dangers, including other settlers. The movie was shown at the Tribeca Film Festival last Friday, but is scheduled to release in the US on July 23.


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