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Trailer Released for Post-Apocalyptic Horror Movie Into the Abyss

Into the Abyss

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A brand new trailer dropped this week for Into the Abyss, an upcoming post-apocalyptic horror movie from director Matías Xavier Rispau.

The movie, which calls itself a Biblical post-apocalyptic film, combines traditional demonic imagery with dark dystopian themes to create what looks to be a unique horror experience.

Biblical Post-Apocalyptic?!

The YouTube description reads: “As explosions flash in the distance, the rain does not give respite in this part of the city. Under the downpour, a man tries to escape, but the problem is where to. Going through abandoned buildings in search of food and water, Bannon rakes up empty cans and boxes, but all he finds are piercing screams and the permanent threat of them, the demons that came down from the sky. In his odyssey trying to leave the dommed area, the… hero? must put his conscience to the test and redeem himself before the ghosts from his past. On the way, a strange guide from the underworld seems to help him. Set in a biblical-post-apocalyptic scenery, Into the Abyss takes genre cinema towards the transcendental, turning a dystopian escape film into an allegory about the lights and shadows of human beings, as well as their eternal struggle to be free from themselves.”

The film had its world premiere at the Class A Mar del Plata Film Fest and the Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre Film Fest where it won “Best Director,” ”Best Sound,” and “Special Mention.”

Speaking on the film, director Matías Rispau said, “The film attracts by a proposal where the viewer can be carried away in the adventure by the classic form and style, with genres such as science fiction and terror, but without losing, at the same time, a personal and human nucleus with which many will be able to find themselves”.

Into the abyss
Into The Abyss

While Into the Abyss has no wide release date yet, it’s expected to be available for streaming and VOD later this year.

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