Why Did One of the Worst Post-Apocalyptic Movies Hit Netflix’s Top 10 This Week?

Future World

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I’d like to think that I’m pretty open-minded when it comes to post-apocalyptic movies. I accept the fact that the topic is niche and the general public certainly won’t like every title in the genre, so I try to ignore ratings and scores and just watch the movie for myself.

Future World is one of those movies that has some really promising cover imagery and the trailer didn’t look half bad, so I checked it out not long after it came out in 2018. I mean, it stars James Franco, Lucy Liu, and Milla Jovovich so it can’t be THAT bad, right?

Overall, I didn’t think it was horrible, but it was certainly lacking anything to make it exceptional or even noteworthy. Apparently everyone else disagreed with me.

What has made this movie into a cult classic in recent months, in part, is its Rotten Tomatoes critic score of 0%. Yes, so many people felt so strongly about this film’s lack of plot and aimless direction that they collectively made sure that it has no positive score at all. But the funny thing is, that’s exactly what attracted so many others to check it out.

“Wait, this movie has a zero score? I have to see this!”

So this week, Netflix users have banded together to watch this movie en masse, earning it a spot in Netflix’s global most-watched list and even a top-10 placing in Belgium. It also hit that favorites list in Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, and many other Arabian countries.

Future World Raider

Now you’re interested, aren’t you? Well, let me sell it to you a bit. The movie tell the story of a prince (named Prince, played by Jeffrey Wahlberg) who must brave the vast wasteland to find medicine for his ailing mother, the Queen (played by Lucy Liu). As these stories often play out, Prince meets several unscrupulous characters in the wasteland, including Warlord (James Franco, who also directed this film), his sidekick (Method Man), a sex robot (Suki Waterhouse), a drug lord (Milla), and even the pimp of all pimps: Snoop Dogg.

Yes, it’s cheesy and unoriginal, but it has charm that many have discovered suits them perfectly. And that’s what entertainment is really all about, right?

While Future World is not available to stream on Netflix in the US, it is available on Moviesphere through Amazon Prime Video.

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