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When Does ‘Colony’ Come Back for Season 2?

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We at Post Apocalyptic Media are super excited about one of our favorite post-apoc shows finally returning to TV. Season 2 of Colony returns on Thursday, January 12 at 10 p.m. Eastern on USA. So mark your calendars!

Where did we leave off? Well, the aliens are still in control of Los Angeles. Will now knows that Katie was aligned with the Resistance. They’re on opposite sides now, with Will cooperating with the collaborators in hopes of getting back his son.

In the finale, Eckhart’s resistance was trying to analyze a dead Host that they captured. Will got to Katie before their hideout was infiltrated. She removed a shielding from the Host’s suit, which allowed drones to lock onto its signal. The Host is recovered.

Meanwhile, Maddie takes the children to the Green Zone and the Burgess home. Bram later sneaks out to the tunnel with Mr. Carson. Snyder is able to make a deal with Nolan, saving the bloc and getting himself a job in the Transitional Authority. He gives Will a transit pass and urges him to leave quickly and find his son. When the finale ends, Will is on his way to Santa Monica, Snyder’s been detained, Bram and Carson are captured in the tunnel, and Katie comes home to find everyone gone.

Season 2 will be 13 episodes long. We’d prefer one of those longer 22-episode seasons, but we’ll take what we can get.


Here’s a trailer until the season starts:

Colony Season 2 returns January 12! Find out more details here. Click To Tweet

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