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Adventure Time Reboot: Discussion & Theories

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Adventure Time aired its season 7 finale a weekend earlier than most viewers were expecting to see it. Preboot and Reboot aired together and left us with a lot of questions. Let’s unpack the episodes and figure out just what’s going on.

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Who Was Looking for Finn in Reboot? Who Programmed Susan Strong?

(Cartoon Network/Adventure Time)
(Cartoon Network/Adventure Time)

This is the biggest question that we’re left with at the end of Reboot. Who was looking for Finn? Who had programmed Susan Strong and made her a “cyborg” of sorts. Here’s a picture of that person’s lab above.

One thing we know for certain is that the “person” who programmed Susan Strong wasn’t Dr. Gross. Gross made a weird statement that seemed to indicate Susan Strong was programmed by a rival group of some sort. Once her chip was activated, her only goal was to retrieve Finn and take Finn “home.”

Our guess is that this mysterious figure trying to track Finn down is Finn’s mom. Remember, she was lost at sea, according to Finn’s dad Martin, although he didn’t like to talk about it. Every story Finn’s dad shares is slightly altered and fabricated, so it’s possible that she left him, but he doesn’t want to share that part.

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The person who’s trying to find Finn has a lab out in the middle of the ocean. That kind of fits if Finn’s mom disappeared somewhere in the ocean. Plus, she would of course be looking for her son all this time. In the alternate universe, Finn had a baby sister. There’s still a chance that Susan could be his sister, just altered/evolved by Finn’s mom to be stronger so she could find Finn and bring him back home.

Remember, Dr. Gross talked about an “island.” It’s possible that this is where Finn’s mom is living, and that she experimented with adding mods to humans in order to help them survive. Remember in Stakes, we learned that a bunch of humans escaped on a boat to survive on an island somewhere. Everything could be tying together.

What Happened to Finn’s Sword?

Finn’s sword is another big question that came at the end of the finale. Finn lost his arm again, and the magical grass seemingly built a body around Finn’s sword, allowing his “alternate self” to have a body and walk around again.

But something weird happened in the middle of all of that, if you were looking closely. Finn’s image in the sword’s stone briefly morphed into some weird, black octopus-like creature. It’s possible that Finn’s soul is no longer in the sword at all, but something else replaced it — maybe the spirit of the Grass Sword. Here’s a picture of that last image we saw in Finn’s sword:

(Cartoon Network/Adventure Time)
(Cartoon Network/Adventure Time)

Another theory circulating is that Finn’s sword was corrupted by his grass sword much earlier, in this scene:

Finn’s grass sword might have corrupted the version of himself that was living in the sword. Remember, at the end of the episode Jake puts a sticker over the sword stone, and behind the sticker the stone shined with a green light. The stone might have been “altered” at that point. Maybe it’s been wanting to unite with the grass sword all this time.

Also, at the end of the episode “Blade of Grass,” Finn had a nightmare that he was consumed by the grass sword. In his nightmare, he was turned into a grass-version of himself and died once the grass sword consumed him. Interestingly, this may be exactly what’s happening to this “alternate” version of Finn that’s stuck in the sword. Here’s the nightmare:

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We’ve Seen the Clock Bear on Adventure Time Before

Want to see something eerie? That clock bear that was in Dr. Gross’s lab appeared in Finn’s dream in Hoots. Here’s the bear we saw in Preboot/Reboot:

(Cartoon Network/Adventure Time)
(Cartoon Network/Adventure Time)

And here’s the bear appearing in Finn’s dream in the episode Hoots:

(Cartoon Network/Adventure Time)
(Cartoon Network/Adventure Time)
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Without a doubt, this is the exact same bear. Maybe it’s foreshadowing Finn losing his arm, yet again. But there’s probably more to it than that. If you recall, Hoots was about the Lady Bird who entranced Cosmic Owl into shirking his duties and breaking the rules. In the end, we learned the Lady Bird was Gunter (aka Orgalorg ). The bear was made just a brief appearance in Finn’s dream, while Cosmic Owl was in his dream.  Cosmic Owl gives prophetic dreams, so the bear may simply be an Easter egg, a sign that Finn was briefly seeing his future.


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