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Attack on Titan S4E23: What Happened to Mikasa’s Scarf?

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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 23, “Sunset,” left us with a number of questions. But one of the biggest questions among viewers is exactly what happened to Mikasa’s scarf. Who took it? Is this going to play a bigger role in future episodes? Here are the clues the anime’s given us so far.

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(Note: If you are reading this story after watching Season 4 Episode 24, “Pride,” (aka Episode 83), you’ll want to see our scarf-focused article in our newer story here.)

Louise Might Have the Scarf

The best guess that we have so far, based on clues from the anime, is that Louise might have the scarf. Louise is the blonde girl we saw with Mikasa in on Season 4 Episode 18, “Sneak Attack.”Right around 12:50 to 13:00 in that episode (according to Hulu), Louise and Mikasa briefly talk about the scarf. Mikasa and the others are gearing up because they’ve decided to help Eren, but Mikasa’s not bringing the scarf with her into battle. She’s shaken since Eren told her that he hated her. She took the scarf off after they had that scene and hasn’t wrapped it back around her neck since.

Louise tells Mikasa: “I’m glad. To think we’d be fighting for similar goals again…” Mikasa doesn’t seem convinced by that and simply says, “Yeah?”


She puts the scarf down and Louise observes, “You’re leaving the scarf behind?”

“I am,” Mikasa answers.


The obvious answer seems to be that it was Louise who took the scarf, given that scene and that she may have been the only person with active knowledge that Mikasa left the scarf behind. Since she seems to admire Mikasa like Mikasa admires Eren, it wouldn’t be surprising that she’d take the scarf.

However, in last week’s episode “Thaw,” I think we might have seen Louise fighting, and she wasn’t shown to have the scarf then. At least, she wasn’t shown wearing it. It happens right around 18:10 in the Hulu version. She’s helping take down the Pure Titans and comes face-to-face with a Titan and Mikasa saves her.


Louise watches her with extreme admiration. But we don’t see Louise wearing the scarf or having it on her in this scene at all.


Perhaps she got the scarf after the fight?

Mikasa Saved Louise’s Life When She Was a Child

In season 4 part 1, Louise revealed that Mikasa had once saved her life from a Titan attack when she was much younger.

She shared this with Mikasa in Season 4 Part 11, when she was jailed and had questions for Mikasa.

Louise revealed that she has idolized Mikasa ever since she saved her and her mom from a Titan. Years later, Louise was willing to be in jail so she could leak the information about Eren being held captive. She believed so strongly in the cause that she was willing to risk her life to advance it.

Some people have called Louise “Mikasa’s Mikasa,” which is a good point. Mikasa saved Louise’s life, and now Louise admires and is dedicated to Mikasa. Similarly, Mikasa felt the same after Eren saved her life when they were children. Both Louise and Mikasa became strong fighters after they were saved.

So my best guess is that it was Louise who took the scarf, since this is the only character the show has hinted at. But what will be the significance behind this action?

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