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How to Watch Anime Japan’s Attack on Titan Event Live

Attack on Titan (Funimation)

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Anime Japan 2022 is happening this weekend, and that includes the highly anticipated Attack on Titan panel event. So if you’re wanting to watch it online, we have a live stream right here along with details about the time it’s starting and more.

(UPDATE: If you want a recap of what was announced at Anime Japan 2022, check out our story here.)

Watch Anime Japan’s Attack on Titan Event Right Here

This year, Anime Japan is providing a live stream for the Attack on Titan event that is taking place on the Red Stage. The live stream is provided by the Pony Canyon YouTube channel. You can watch it at this link or in the embedded video below.

The video above should start automatically when the live stream begins. However, you might need to refresh this page if it doesn’t.

According to the schedule, this event is supposed to begin at 17:25 Japan time on March 27. That’s approximately 3:25 a.m. Central/4:25 a.m. Eastern on Sunday, March 27 in the U.S. time zone. So you’ll need to stay up pretty late if you’re wanting to watch it.

The other issue is that we really don’t know if there will be an English subtitled translation provided for the video above, or if it is going to all be in Japanese. At the moment, we’re strongly leaning toward the possibility that it will just be in Japanese, so if you stay up late, be prepared for the possibility. Last year, English subtitles were provided for quite a few of Anime Japan’s 2021 events. But you could also buy tickets specifically to access English-translated live streams, including for Attack on Titan’s panel.

This year, that option hasn’t been provided by Anime Japan. In fact, the webpage where you can buy digital tickets makes it a point of pointing out that “AJ streams available only in Japanese.” Another page specifies, “English subtitles not available.” Last year on that same webpage, you could choose to buy digital tickets that provided access to live English-translated streams. That service isn’t available this time around.

So don’t worry if you weren’t able to get a digital ticket. You’re not missing out. And if the stream above doesn’t have a translation, we’ll be keeping an eye out for a fan who does translate the stream, so we can provide you with all the announcements about Attack on Titan.

Will There Be a Big Announcement About Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3?

Last year, fans were really hoping the Attack on Titan panel for Anime Japan 2021 would include an announcement about whether Season 4 Part 1 was being extended. It did not. Instead, we were able to enjoy fun stories from the voice actors and behind-the-scenes insights. We also learned about the Blu-Ray release for Season 4 Part 1, which was the biggest thing announced in 2021.

So it’s possible a big announcement won’t happen this year either. But only time will tell for certain. Either way, there’s no way Season 4 Part 2 will complete the manga, so we know to expect either a Season 4 Part 3 or a movie. While you’re waiting, you can read our analysis of all of that right here.

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    Don't even think about sharing this article.

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