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Wasteland 3 Launch Day Review Round-up

Wasteland 3 Faction Art

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Wasteland 3 has released today and the review embargo has been lifted, so now we get to see what the game critics think of one of the most highly anticipated games of 2020.

Wasteland 3 is the third installment in a series that began way back in 1988 with the original Wasteland. InXile Entertainment, headed by original Interplay founder Brian Fargo, has had an amazing ride along the way. Wasteland 2 broke records for its $3M crowdfunding campaign in 2014, and now that Microsoft is on board for Wasteland 3, I fully expect to see the franchise become more popular than ever.

But all the marketing hype in the world means nothing without the word of experienced gamers and their early impressions. So let’s take a look at the opinions of a few of the larger game review sites, as well as some of the smaller ones, to see what they think of Wasteland 3.

PC Gamer: 84/100
“Like its predecessors, Wasteland 3 is the kind of game where the most interesting story is the one you make, usually thanks to that juxtaposition of seriousness and silliness. Maybe you created a character who dressed like a clown and inflicted status effects on enemies by throwing yellow snowballs at them, or maybe you went into battle with a herd of vicious animals—at least until you got sick of them and abandoned even the swearing parrot to bleed out in the snow.” – Jody Macgregor, PC Gamer

IGN: 8/10
“Wasteland 3 doesn’t add much to the tactical RPG formula, but its impressive freedom of choice, its dark and rough humor, and its satisfying combat make it one of the more memorable entries in the genre to date. Its large world is packed with upwards of 60 hours of content for a single playthrough, too, so there’s a lot to chew on here. It’s a pity Wasteland 3 didn’t launch in winter, as I can think of few companions I’d rather be snowed in with.” – Leif Johnson, IGN

Eurogamer: “Recommended”
“You see where this is all going, how it all feels in this, the year of our lord 2020. I hate it all, but what’s brilliant about Wasteland 3 is it lets me hate its monsters, and its monsters hate me back. I am venting, unleashing my rage on the monsters of Wasteland 3. I want to burn it all to the ground, and Wasteland 3 understands this, and reacts.” – Wesley Yin-Poole, Eurogamer

Wasteland 3 screenshot

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: (No Score)
“I myself have made many bad calls in my time as a Ranger, and even I wouldn’t mind seeing the repercussions of my major decisions play out. But if I have to fight through listless combat, buggy UI, and an onslaught of juvenile gags to see one of the many endings, I’d rather leave the snowfields of Colorado behind. To hell with the consequences.” – Brendan Caldwell – RPS

Game Informer: 8.5/10
“Wasteland 3 is a solid CRPG, tasking you with decisions both minute and massive as you carve your legacy into Colorado. Will you serve the Patriarch for the greater good? Will you join forces with his psychotic son? His rebellious daughter? Or will you just roll around in the snow looking to pick fights with Scorpitrons? They’re all worth doing, so suit up and roll out for some wild times in the wastelands.” – Daniel Tack, Game Informer

Wasteland 3

GameSkinny: 9/10
“Wasteland 3 is, without a doubt, one of the best games of the year. Despite its dark, gloomy atmosphere, it manages to shine through humor and characterization. The world-building is second to none, with a wide range of locales to visit, creating a sense of epic-scale and adventure. It’s a game where your choices have real consequences as you play judge, jury, and executioner.” – Daniel Hollis, GameSkinny

VG Almanac: 5/5
“Wasteland 3 is incredible. I wouldn’t say the bugs overshadowed my experience, although the load screens impacted it a bit. All the negative sides pale in comparison to the positives. On my second playthrough, I’m noticing things I didn’t notice before, and I would imagine on my third and fourth I’ll find the same. I’m not usually a guy that replays a game once I’ve finished it, but I can’t seem to get enough of the Colorado wastes, and I can’t see myself dropping it any time soon.” – Edd, VG Almanac

God is a Geek: 9.5/10
“Wasteland 3 is not a game to be taken lightly. It’s a huge undertaking, marrying the deep, choice-driven role play of classic games like Baldur’s Gate and, indeed, the original Fallout, with fast-paced tactical combat and vast areas to explore. The challenge is occasionally steep, and sometimes seemingly innocuous choices can have far-reaching consequences, but it’s incredibly dynamic and immersive as a result.” – Mick Fraser, God is a Geek

Be sure to check out our latest interview with co-creator Brian Fargo where he discusses more about Wasteland 3, including DLC plans, potential Wasteland spin-offs, and Wasteland 4. You can also follow our on-going Wasteland 3 coverage for more goodies during and after release.

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