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Wasteland 3 Expansion ‘The Battle of Steeltown’ Announced for Xbox, PS4, and PC

The Battle of Steeltown DLC

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The first narrative story DLC has been announced for Wasteland 3 today that aims to bring new a new map, quests, weapons, armor, enemy types, and it will even upgrade the game’s core mechanics.

The Battle of Steeltown
introduces the new manufacturing facility in Colorado called Steeltown where, you guessed it, all things steel and shiny are made. This includes weapons, armor, vehicles, and even robots that aim to end you and your squad. But when the manufacturing stops, someone needs to go in and “fix it.” That’s where you come in.

“Striking workers, bandit raids… not to mention the gates are locked tight,” the DLC describes. “Without help the area will revolt and take Steeltown’s leader, Abigail Markham, with it. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing? You and your team of Rangers will need to decide that for yourself.”

Wasteland 3 The Battle of Steeltown

The DLC is playable in either solo or co-op mode and will bring stacking status effects, elemental shields, non-lethal weapons, and even telegraphed attacks to the game. Of course, we can still count on the game’s trademark sense of humor to carry over, as well.

“Full of choice, consequence, and Wasteland 3‘s unique brand of humor, it’s also a culmination of all the hard work we’ve put into the game since launch,” said game director David Rogers.

The Battle of Steeltown
will release on June 3, 2021 for $14 USD on PC, PS4, and Xbox with a likely 10% discount for Xbox Game Pass holders.

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