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Walking Dead Deep Thoughts: Season 5 Episode 3

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Just a few quick “special moments” from this last episode of The Walking Dead: (SPOILERS up to the last episode!)

But first – wasn’t episode 3 AWESOME? Loved that Rick learned his lesson and finally got rid of those Terminus folks once and for all. Great foresight, great revenge, not dragged out all season… It was perfection. Now on to a few select points… (And by the way, if you want a great episode discussion, check out the Reddit thread about the episode.)

Morgan & the Signs on the Trees

So, looks like we got the answer to my previous post about who left the signs on the tree that Morgan was following!

Seems it was Terminus! And now they’re gone. 🙂

But Morgan may be weeks to several months behind our Walking Dead crew by the time he finds the signs… So how will he catch up? And when?

The “A” on the Church

Seemed kind of random, right? But the same “A” was on the train car that the Terminus folks locked Rick and his people in. So it’s probably a symbol they use to indicate who they plan on eating, like “Grade A Meat.”


Day 157: Maggie still hasn’t realized Beth isn’t in the group.

b8b7c944-7397-8409-04ca-daeb690649cc_TWD_503_GP_0603_0495 (1)
Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

I’m pretty sure Maggie asked Daryl once about Beth and then went off on her happy way with her new husband. Remember how devastated she was about her dad? But Beth’s gone and she’s just, “Well, I’m off to DC!”

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Rick’s Beard is the Ghost of Hershel

Rick’s beard is out of control guys. I think the Ghost of Hershel’s Beard has taken over.

Rich and Hershel's beards
Rich photo by Gene Page/AMC. Hershel photo by Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC.

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Special Video Clip on AMC’s Website

Just a little notification guys… At the end of the episode you’re given a chance to see a sneak peek of next week’s episode online. It’s really short. Probably will take more time to get to the website than watch the clip.

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