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Train to Busan 3? Creator Expects One More Movie in the Series


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Yeon Sang-Ho, creator of the popular Train to Busan movies, says he’d like to make a third film when the time is right. But following the wild success of his latest movie on Netflix, Hellbound, we’d say the time is probably right.

While Hellbound is not post-apocalyptic and has nothing to do with zombies, the show’s recent success proves Yeon Sang-Ho’s worth as a writer. The first Train to Busan movie enjoyed record-breaking success in 2016 and the 2020 follow-up, Peninsula, was no slouch itself. Despite being sold as a “standalone sequel” to Train to Busan, Peninsula featured the same universe but with a plot that centered around more of a heist than a train.

Train to Busan

Of course, it’s still way too soon to talk specifics on this potential third film, and Sang-Ho recognizes that. In an interview with Variety, the filmmaker acknowledged the fact that he’d like to make something closer to Busan than Peninsula.

“Peninsula was a post-apocalyptic film that focused on the car chases,” he said. “The story that I’m thinking about after that would be closer to Busan, where the story will be carried out in a small and restricted space.” At that point, Sang-Ho hopes all three movies will connect together like a true trilogy.

But the biggest obstacle right now is time. Sang-Ho says that he’d like to make that third film, and the audience is certainly there, but it’s a matter of grooming his schedule. Aside from the upcoming Hellbound comic, rumor has it that Sang-Ho may be catapulting off of the TV show’s success to make a second season while the iron’s hot.

He also notes that he hasn’t even talked to Netflix about the possibility of a third movie yet. I have a feeling they’d be fine with it, though.

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