Top 6 Luxury Post-Apocalyptic Communities & Bunkers

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You’ve probably seen news about luxury post-apocalyptic communities popping up pretty much everywhere. We won’t speculate here too much on how much they’ll really help with survival, considering that everyone knows about them now (sigh). Recently on The 100, this concept came into play when Jaha used some odd steampunk-type tablet (that somehow still had Internet and Wifi) to research bunkers in the area that they could check out. So yeah, maybe that could happen somehow (or maybe you could save the information via the Wikipedia Offline method.) But all that aside, these post-apocalyptic communities and bunkers look mighty tempting. If you have a few million to spare, you might be better off building your own doomsday bunker. But if you want to be part of thriving end-of-the-world community, here’s where you might want to look. (And while you’re deciding which you want, pick up a copy of Nuclear War Survival Skills.) 

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1. Dallas: Trident Lakes

Still under construction, this community has up to 600 concrete condos that are “partially” buried. It will also feature lagoons, gun ranges, tennis courts, jogging paths, horseback riding, and a golf course. If the end-of-the-world actually comes, they can all move underground, with their handy DNA vault.

If Dallas doesn’t sound good, Trident Lakes is looking into a similar community in Jackson County, Ohio, Realtor.com reported.

2. Kansas: From Missile Silo to Condos

This one sounds pretty exciting. Completely underground missile silos were converted into high-end condos in Kansas. The first complex opened in 2012 and all 12 units have been sold. The second silo will have 14 to 24 condos, a rock-climbing wall, indoor pool, gun range, movie theater, bowling alley, and more. This one will be ready in 2018. No one lives here full-time, but it definitely has some perks over the Dallas version. For one, it’s completely underground. And unlike in Dallas, the owner has never publicly disclosed exactly where it is.

The first silo was converted by Larry Hall into a luxury doomsday community for up to 70 people, KCUR reported. It has biological, chemical, and nuclear filtration units, two generators, a wind turbine, five years’ of food, and a secure well. When you first walk in, you’re greeted by a 70-foot saltwater pool with a waterfall and a water slide. Each unit sells for $3 million, plus $5,000 a month.

Here’s a video of the condos:

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3. Wyoming: Survival Ranch with Bunker

(Hayden Outdoors)

A 104-acre property in Wyoming has a large underground bunker with electricity and water. On top of that, you get a 3-bedroom home with a basement, wraparound porch, and dual generators for backup power. It’s only $1.19 million and I really wish I could afford it.

4. New York: Missile Silo Fixer-Upper

If you don’t want to buy a luxury ready-made missile silo condo, how about a fixer upper? Sotheby’s is advertising an Atlas F Missile Silo in New York. It’s been cleaned and dewatered, and the owner can live in the Launch Control Center and build out the 18 story main silo. There’s an eight-foot fence around the perimeter and an above-ground storage facility too. The silo even has functional blast doors. This one’s available for only $3 million. Honestly, this one might be the best one of the bunch. It’s really expensive, but it also needs a lot of love and work because it’s been abandoned for awhile and fell into disarray.

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Meanwhile, there’s a luxury missile silo in the Adirondack Mountains that might or might not be for sale. It can’t possibly be the same one, because this one comes with an airstrip and it’s all fixed up fancy-style:

Here’s another look at the luxury silo:

Here’s another video about the luxury missile silo:

5. Missouri: Home with a Secret Bunker

(Realty Executives home for sale)

This one sounds exciting to us and it’s definitely less of a luxury item than the other listings. In Falcon, Missouri, a home on 160 acres was for sale for $389,000 (the listing has since been removed.) It’s a two bedroom, 1800-square foot home with a patio, ponds, and a hot tub. But it comes with a 30×60 underground bunker with air shafts, electricity, and water that is “practically impossible to find.” We kind of love it.

6. South Dakota: Their Bunkers Are a Little Plainer

Meanwhile, Robert Vicino runs Vivos Group, which provides World War II munitions storage bunkers in South Dakota for $25,000. Yes, $25,000 plus $1,000 annually will get you one bare concrete bunker for 99 years, KCUR reported. These aren’t big bunkers. Time explained that they’re just 1,590 or 2,120 square feet — about the size of a small home. And they don’t come with plumbing, electricity, air filtration, anything like that — you’re responsible for installing all of it.

So there you have it. Which of these communities sounds best to you? In our opinion, the best one is the secret luxury community that never made it into the news because the owners don’t want anyone knowing it even exists. We’re just assuming that one is out there somewhere — and it’s definitely the cream of the crop.

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