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The Walking Dead SFX Chief Talks Final Filming Moments: “I Might Have Negan’s Bat”

Negan with Lucille

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The final wrap-up for The Walking Dead’s last season has been big news all month as cast members and fans reminiscence about the last 12 years on the popular zombie drama.

Lead special effects supervisor Greg Nicotero talked with TMZ about the final moments of filming and what the future holds for the franchise.

When asked where Greg will go from here, he says that they have so much planned, but he gets to work with the people he loves to work with. “We’ve been pals for 12 years,” he says, referring to Daryl Dixon actor Norman Reedus.

Greg reassures fans that Norman has recovered from his on-set injuries, too. “He’s good. There was just a lot going on at that particular time. Everybody was under a lot of stress, a lot of pressure.”

Nicotero also joked about some of the souvenirs he picked up from set. “I might have Negan’s bat; I might have some signage from the prison. Ya know, I might have one of Daryl’s crossbows.”

Along with those final moments, there’s a very interesting mini documentary from YouTuber Jason Stork that highlights that final week of filming in Senoia, Georgia.

The documentary shows off some of the filming locations, including Alexandria and a tour of the water tower location with Paola “Princess” Lazaro, as well as an exclusive party with some of the cast. Stork even got made up into a zombie by a crew member for the video.

If you’re mourning the final season as much as we are, be sure to follow along with our TWD coverage, including reviews of every episode from this last season and more details on every new spin-off coming down the pipe.

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